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Big Data

How Big Data Is Revolutionizing The Music And Movie Business

Once the music industry started to look at their big data, they realized how much they needed it, because there was a lot they didn’t know about their fans.

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Five Niches In The Music Industry, And The Companies That Make The Most Of Them

We often make the mistake of talking about the music industry as if it were a single, monolithic thing. It most certainly is not.

Music Production Evolution: The Rise Of Digital vs. The Vinyl Revival

Music Production Evolution: The Rise Of Digital Vs. The Vinyl Revival

In this infographic, we’ll delve into how and why the cult following for vinyl has resurfaced in this booming digital age. Alongside this, we’ll question the popularity of digital and what this could mean for the music industry.

Future Of Music Coalition

Who Shapes Our Culture? Do You?

An essay on the the Future of Music Policy Summit 2014, putting the artist perspective front and center.

The History of Listening

The History Of Listening: From Vinyl To Digital

The infographic presents an informative timeline beginning with the invention of the phonograph in 1877 and all the way through to the musical powerhouse that is iTunes.

London Top Music Venues

London’s Top 5 Music Venues

London is packed full of music venues of all shapes, sizes and styles. From mega halls to intimate rooms, the capital really does have it all. Here are five of the city’s very best music performance spaces.