Music Growth Talks
Alex Cowles

MGT57: Why You Haven’t Produced Enough Music – Alex Cowles (Stillhead)

Alex Cowles, a.k.a. Stillhead, talks on his new How To Self Release course, changing artist names, tips to send music to labels, branding tips, and much more.

Tradiio app

MGT56: Tradiio, Where Fans Get You Label Deals And Festival Spots – Miguel Leite

Miguel Leite, a co-founder of Tradiio, talks on why the music industry needs to change, opening more opportunities to indie artists, and how Tradiio works.

Caroline Bottomley

MGT55: Find A Perfect Music Video Creator At Radar Music – Caroline Bottomley

Founder and CEO of Radar Music, Caroline Bottomley, talks about the platform, and how to create a perfect brief for a music video, and the importance of a music video release.

Cheryl B. Engelhardt

MGT54: The Path For A Whole Life Of Creating Music – Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Cheryl B. Engelhardt, a singer-songwriter, and a seasoned music business veteran, talks on the reasons artists fail to succeed, income streams available for musicians, and much more.

Kiran Gandhi

MGT53: Digital Tomorrows – Kiran Gandhi, Yvette Nimako

Josh Urban talks to Kiran Gandhi and Yvette Nimako at this year’s Future of Music Policy Summit about the music industry, creativity, women in business, and much more.

Stuart Epps

MGT52: With Despair, We Gotta Make Great Music – Stuart Epps

Listen to this WeSpin Recipes episode to learn the amazing story of Stuart Epps, a legendary UK-based record producer.