Music Growth Talks

MGT35: How To Write A Bio

From this recording, you will learn the proven and optimal structure of a biography, based on a real-world example. It’s a simple formula that every artist can implement.


MGT34: Getting Licensed Through MusicGorilla – Alexia Erlichman

Alexia Erlichman talks on the reasons MusicGorilla has an exceptional customer support, how it’s different from similar services, and if it’s the right fit for you.


MGT33: Making A Splash In The Flood Of Music – Chris Thompson (SplashFlood)

Chris Thompson talks about startups, how SplashFlood is different from anything else available on the market, and what the “Influence Builder” is.

Nate Maingard

MGT32: The Modern Troubadour – Nate Maingard

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast, we talked to Nate Maingard, a modern troubadour, about how he discovered Patreon and how his patrons fuel his passion and creativity.


MGT31: Get Out There And Do It – Kelly Castor (MusicBizCast)

Kelly Castor, who runs the MusicBizCast podcast, shares practical tips on time management and importance of educating yourself in more than just music creation.

Growth Hacking In Music - Clyde Smith

MGT30: Growth Hacking Your Music Career – Clyde Smith

Have you heard the term “Growth Hacker” before? If no, this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode is definitely for you. And if you have, now you will also learn if the Growth Hacking concept works in the world of music.