Music Growth Talks
Stuart Epps

MGT52: With Despair, We Gotta Make Great Music – Stuart Epps

Listen to this WeSpin Recipes episode to learn the amazing story of Stuart Epps, a legendary UK-based record producer.

Peer Tracks

MGT51: Peertracks, Rockin’ The Block(chain) – Cédric Cobban

Cédric Cobban explains how Peertracks is building a system that incentivizes music discovery, slashes fees on sales, and creates brave new worlds of brand-artist collaborations.

Ilpo Resound

MGT50: 6 Reasons Artists Procrastinate (And How To Overcome Them) – Resound

Ilpo Kärkkäinen, a.k.a. Resound, talks about procrastination and his new WeSpin course called “Smart Productivity for Musicians – Accomplish More as an Artist and Live a More Meaningful Life”.

Eric Louis

MGT49: Promoting Your Music With Facebook Ads – Eric Louis

Eric Louis, a digital marketing consultant and a DJ, shares his findings on how A-list artists promote their music through Facebook Ads, and how you can benefit from Facebook Advertising yourself.


MGT48: Introducing WeSpin Tech – Dotted Music From Berlin

In this episode, recorded in Berlin, Andrew Apanov is joined by the Dotted Music’s COO Frederic Sahyouni and CMO Cory Wolff to reveal their new community platform called WeSpin Tech.

Budi Voogt

MGT47: Taking A Record Label To The Next Level – Budi Voogt (Heroic Recordings)

Budi Voogt, the founder of Heroic Recordings, talks about the impressive recent growth of the company, his new music business course, and SoundCloud (and if you should keep using it).