Music Growth Talks
Nate Maingard

MGT32: The Modern Troubadour – Nate Maingard

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast, we talked to Nate Maingard, a modern troubadour, about how he discovered Patreon and how his patrons fuel his passion and creativity.


MGT31: Get Out There And Do It – Kelly Castor (MusicBizCast)

Kelly Castor, who runs the MusicBizCast podcast, shares practical tips on time management and importance of educating yourself in more than just music creation.

Growth Hacking In Music - Clyde Smith

MGT30: Growth Hacking Your Music Career – Clyde Smith

Have you heard the term “Growth Hacker” before? If no, this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode is definitely for you. And if you have, now you will also learn if the Growth Hacking concept works in the world of music.

Your Band Is A Virus

MGT28: 5 Tips On Getting Music Press – James Moore

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast, James Moore talks a lot about getting press. Listen to the episode to learn James’ music PR insights and tips on music promotion.

Michael Hoy On BoomboxFM Launch And Music Curation

MGT27: BoomboxFM, Music Curation And Promotion – Michael Hoy

Michael Hoy, the co-founder of BoomboxFM, talks on the evolution of the platform – from Indie Bundles, to Music Box, to its current (and final) title, BoomboxFM.

A Look Into Beatdek, An EDM Advertising Platform #Podcast

MGT26: Pay For Real Plays? Beatdek, EDM Advertising Platform – Lex Davis

Beatdek co-founder, Lex Davis, shares how their credits system works, what are the different ways to discover new music on this EDM site, and talked about label promotion and his tips on networking.