Music Growth Talks
Soundcloud Artist Abigail Press Bringing Online Collaborations Offline #Podcast

MGT16: Taking Online Collaborations Offline – Abigail Press

In this We Spin Recipes podcast Abigail Press, an electronic music producer and singer based in Brooklyn, NYC, shared her insights on using Soundcloud, Kickstarter, and building a community of like-minded people.

Resident Advisor's Co-Founder Nick Sabine On The State Of Ticketing And Fighting Scalpers #Podcast

MGT15: How Resident Advisor Fights Ticket Scalping – Nick Sabine

Nick Sabine, a co-founder of Resident Advisor, talked about the RA’s new fan-to-fan ticket exchange system that aims to eliminate ticket touting.

Toolshed's Dick Huey On How To Rock Social Media And Importance Of Self Discipline #Podcast

MGT14: Rocking Social Media: It’s All About Discipline – Dick Huey (Toolshed)

Dick Huey shared tips on rocking social media presence – from focusing on one network at a time to never forgetting to put your personality in what you do.

Oscar Höglund

MGT13: Sync Licensing Insights From Epidemic Sound – Oscar Höglund

Oscar Höglund is the CEO of Epidemic Sound, a sync licensing company with a special concept. Here he talks about how the industry works, and what you can do to improve your chances of getting your songs licensed.

Emmanuel Legrand On Publishing Trends And Importance Of Having A Team #Podcast

MGT12: Find Your Champions – Emmanuel Legrand

In this podcast episode, Emmanuel talked on publishing and publishers, the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, and who may be owning you money.

artin Frascogna Talks On The Anti-360 Deals And International Music Promotion #Podcast

MGT11: International Music Promotion & The Anti-360 Deals – Martin Frascogna

In this We Spin Recipes podcast episode, we talked about the books Martin has co-written, the 360 Deals, the Anti-360 Deals, promoting music acts in new countries, partnerships, Billboard charts & more.