Music Growth Talks
Seon Giovanni

MGT08: Why & When You Need A Recording Studio – Giovanni (The Record Shop Nashville, Balcony TV)

In this We Spin Recipes podcast episode Andrew Apanov talks to Sean Giovanni, the founder of The Record Shop Recording Studio and Balcony TV Nashville.

Music Is Your Business

MGT07: The Four Fronts Of The Music Business – Chris Knab

Christopher Knab, the co-author of the “Music Is Your Business” book (now released in its fourth edition), has been in the music industry for over 30 years – and knows what it takes to succeed in music.

Jesse Cannon's book

MGT06: Power Your Music Marketing With Your Hobbies – Jesse Cannon

Jesse Cannon – founder of Musformation and author of “Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business” – gives a ton of practical advice on marketing your music, shows and brand.

Promo Hutt

MGT05: From Dubplates To DJ Promo Subscriptions – Chris Gorsuch (Promo Hutt)

You will learn how DJs get pre-released tunes and what labels do to get better exposure in this conversation with Chris Gorsuch from Promo Hutt.

We Spin Recipes

MGT04: Editorial Calendar For Musicians – Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer, the founder and director of Musomania, explains how important creating content is for an artist, and gives away two Musomania websites to our listeners!

We Spin Recipes

MGT03: Secrets To A Musician’s Productivity – Resound

Ilpo, better known as Resound, a drum & bass musician, blogger and music production instructor has been learning how to stay productive for years, achieved great results, and now shares his experience in the third episode of the We Spin Recipes podcast.