Music Growth Talks
Elmo Lovano

MGT126: Getting Work As A Freelance Musician – Elmo Lovano (Jammcard)

Elmo Lovano, the founder of Jammcard, talks on how the world’s best musicians have landed their dream gigs, the different ways you can prepare yourself for being hired, networking in the physical and digital worlds, and more.

Darryl Ballantyne

MGT125: Make Money And Reach New Fans Through Your Lyrics – Darryl Ballantyne (LyricFind)

Darryl Ballantyne, the CEO of the global leader in lyric licensing LyricFind, talks about how and why to submit your lyrics to the platform, and explains how they help songwriters and right holders earn money when their lyrics are displayed.

Rich Redmond

MGT124: Success In Music C.R.A.S.H. Course – Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond, an influential and prolific drummer, entrepreneur, speaker, and actor, shows how to not only survive, but thrive in the music industry (and life in general).

Stephen White

MGT123: How To Clear Your Mixtape, Remix, Or DJ Mix – Stephen White (Dubset)

Dubset is a tech-meets-rights-management platform that can clear everything from mixtapes to remixes and turn them into revenue for artists and writers. Listen on to see what it means to you.

Mandy Aubry

MGT122: How To Collect Your Publishing Royalties – Mandy Aubry (Songtrust)

Mandy Aubry shows how to collect publishing royalties with the help of Songtrust, a unique and flexible publishing administration platform, and explains numerous aspects of the confusing world of music publishing.


MGT121: Developing A Highly Engaged Fan Base Through Video – iLLvibe

iLLvibe, a hip-hop artist and the founder of, explains why filming a low budget music video can “brand you down”, and talks about storytelling, branding reaching new fans on social media, running targeted ads, and more.