Paul Loeb

DropTrack: A New Platform For Sending Your Music To Tastemakers

Paul Loeb, founder and developer of DropTrack – a new music marketing platform used by over 6,000 artists and labels – gives tips on building your email list, networking, and growing a business as a one-man show.

Piano lessons made easier with Tomplay

Tomplay Interactive Sheet Music App Review

Read on as guest author, Harvey Grant, gives his insights on how Tomplay, an interactive sheet music app, has modernized the way we teach children music and has made every single aspect of learning a new piece much easier.


PlayGround: A Playful App For Spontane Music Making

The new music app PlayGround has a playful take on touch-based music making. It’s a colorful experience, but is it enjoyable enough?

Merch Cat at CMJ 2015

Managing Merch On The Road With Merch Cat

The recently launched mobile and web app Merch Cat lets you take every opportunity to turn stagefront into storefront, making it easy to handle the business end of being on tour.

TAD iPhone

TAD – Artwork Made Easy

Sometimes you have neither the money nor the time to do all that is required for “professional” cover art. If you’re in need of a quick solution, TAD can help out.


FATdrop’s New Mobile App Puts Promos First

Keeping up with new releases and receiving new promo material as a DJ can be a real hassle. That’s what FATdrop is for, and the platform is now releasing an app. Here are our impressions.