Musicians’ Services Review: VibeDeck

The latest in social networking meets music business model websites is to be entrusted with using the investment to develop an e-commerce platform for music artists to sell their music.

Spreaker Logo

Musicians’ Services Review: Spreaker

Spreaker is an online application for creating and sharing live audio content across the Internet. It offers fast radio broadcast services on the web.

Musicians’ Services Review:

Munite is a social networking website for musicians fashioning itself as the website bridging the gap between local talent and global takeover. Munite’s repertoire includes a web service to encourage musical collaboration across the world.

Takes Questions

Soundcloud Launches Beta ‘Takes Questions': Invites Giveaway

SoundCloud launched the beta release of Takes Questions, a new experimental product that enables anyone to take questions and leave answers in audio, from their own customisable webpage.

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Why Musicians Should Maintain A Bare Minimum MySpace Presence

MySpace, reeling under the pressure, underwent a futile facelift to seduce the musicians, but musicians have expressed discontent. Let’s point out why musicians shouldn’t quite ditch Myspace, just yet.

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GigsWiz: Artist-Powered Ticketing Service Officially Launched

GigsWiz, the “next generation ticketing service” where artists, promoters and venues work together to sell more tickets for live music events, has announced their official launch at New Music Seminar.