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Every industry from retail to manufacturing has turned to web-based platforms and B2B marketplaces to find a better way to get things done. A start-up,, is aimed to bring that power to the music business.”


Tunited: The Musicians’ Community Now In Open Beta

Last month, Midge Ure released his musician-based community project to the internet., a haven for independent musicians looking to get their music out to new audiences, is a new website filled with great music in the spirit of Purevolume’s music sharing.

Join Flattr, Pirate Bay Co-Founder’s Micro-Payment Platform

Join Flattr, Pirate Bay Co-Founder’s Micro-Payment Platform

The social micropayment platform (that’s what Flattr is) has finally opened to the public this month, so now you don’t need an invite to give support to the sites you visit (like this one) with real money or to add the Flattr button to your own blog.


SoundCloud Reveals Creative Commons Integration

This week SoundCloud introduced a deeper integration with Creative Commons, making the existing pool of the service’s thousands of CC samples, loops and music tracks more easy to find, remix and re-use.

Image credit: aileenrobot on Flickr

Musicians On The Road: Finding Rehearsal Spaces With Open Studio

A brief review of Open Studio, a service allowing to hourly and monthly rehearsal studios to list their available rooms, and musicians to find available studios in their area using their zip code or city.

Music Social Buying And Selling With The Indie

Music Social Buying And Selling With The Indie

This week marked the launch of a new interesting start-up, – a social buying and selling service, allowing independent music fans to tag and feature their favorite songs and sell them through Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace accounts.