Stand Above The Noise
SAtN: interview with UPPM

Universal Publishing Production Music: How It Works #SAtN

Watch in the new issue of Stand Above The Noise: an interview with Corinna C. Poeszus, General Manager of Universal Publishing Production Music (Germany).

Stand Above The Noise

Musicians Are Less Producers Of Music Than Producers Of Culture #SAtN

In this Stand Above The Noise video interview, Stewart Walker talks on why musicians are more creators of culture than music nowadays and shows us what a pain a distributor who went bankrupt can bring to a label owner.

Still shot from the Stewart Walker interview

Join Stewart Walker Interview Premiere On 11/21: Special Guest Steve Mill From Believe Digital #SAtN

Details about the upcoming second issue of the Stand Above The Noise series, to air live on November 21st, 2012.

Soundcloud - Stand Above The Noise

Interview With SoundCloud’s Vice President Community David Noël

In this Stand Above The Noise interview, David explained what Soundcloud is actually about, discussed the modern music industry, technology, and practical ways to build your online following as an artist.

Soundcloud - Stand Above The Noise

Interview With Soundcloud’s David Noël: Watch Live Premiere On 10/29

We are kicking off the Stand Above The Noise interview series this Monday, October 29. You don’t want to miss it, do you?

Stand Above The Noise

Stand Above The Noise by Dotted Music (Trailer)

For more than a year the Dotted Music team has been working on a documentary project called Stand Above The Noise. The series is getting ready, watch the official trailer here!