At MIDEM 2009

Preparing For MIDEM 2010

MIDEM, the world’s largest music industry trade fair, will kick off on January 23, just two weeks from now. Preparing for the event, I decided to give you a brief list of key facts about Midem 2010.

The Effects Of The Internet: “Making It”

The Effects Of The Internet: “Making It”

While each and every musician has his or her own motives and influences behind the choice to pursue music, the ultimate end tends to be the same regardless of who you are. The dream of being signed and “making it” will typically be at the forefront of any musician’s mind.

Holiday Giveaways’ Winners!

Sorry for updating the blog so rarely during the holidays, things will return to their normal state tomorrow. Today I’m finally announcing winners of both STS9 and Leonard Coheen giveaways!

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Are Music Videos Cheating?

You’re not going to make very much money in touring. Not when you’re first starting out. The peak money in touring is normally found about 20 years after breakout success, regardless of the era.

Leonard Cohen LP Giveaway: Final Announcement

The time has come to announce the instructions on how to claim your In Defence Of Vinyl giveaway entry.

The Effects Of The Internet: Music Distribution

The Effects Of The Internet: Music Distribution

“In The Modern World, The Internet Is King.” This relates to much more than the piece that it was originally written for. The music business is one thing that definitely falls under the category of “recently influenced by the internet”.