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Creative Promotion: DIY Or Leave It Up To The Label?

You have to treat your band as a business and put a corresponding effort into it, and yes – you have to be creative not only with your music. But is it all really about doing it on your own?

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Rock Is Dead (In The USA)

Don’t let the Grammys fool you. Rock is dead. The Grammys are a fairly conservative association that tends to reward those whose creative peak is past them. A better indicator are year-end sales (easily found if you google “Billboard year-end charts”). One look over the 2009 year-end charts and one thing stands out: the lack of any top rock acts.

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Investing In Indie Bands: A Business Model To Support The Music Industry

Using the stock exchange as a basis for my business model, I’ve constructed a theoretical approach to help support up-and-coming bands, starting from when they’re still at their earliest stages of their artistic and commercial development.

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Jared Leto: ‘We’re Taking Full Advantage Of The Digital Age Here’

30 Seconds To Mars’ legendary frontman Jared Leto just talked to Ultimate Guitar’s Steven Rosen about the band’s third album This Is War, and some music marketing topics I really loved to see covered in this interview.

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MIDEM 2010 Roundup

Lots of meetings and panels, in mix with fresh air and fancy lunches and dinners didn’t let me report here each day of the event – hope you forgive me and enjoy reading this brief summary report from MIDEM 2010.

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The Effects Of The Internet: Contract Giveaways

We’ve all seen your modern reality TV show: Pop Idol, X Factor, etc. etc. A collection of wannabe musicians gather together for the chance to become a star. Honestly, who wouldn’t take the chance if it was offered to them?