Music Gateway projects

The Gateway To Music Collaboration

The Internet is great at connecting people, but when it comes to finding your next musical adventure, things can get tricky. Music Gateway sets out to connect you with music industry professionals and collaborators.

The History of Listening

The History Of Listening: From Vinyl To Digital

The infographic presents an informative timeline beginning with the invention of the phonograph in 1877 and all the way through to the musical powerhouse that is iTunes.

Jack Conte

Jack Conte On Patreon, Pomplamoose, YouTube And How To Succeed As An Artist #Podcast

Jack Conte, the founder of Patreon and one half of the legendary Pomplamoose – talked to Andrew Apanov about his projects, YouTube, if it’s possible to replicate past success, tech trends, and electronic music.

London Top Music Venues

London’s Top 5 Music Venues

London is packed full of music venues of all shapes, sizes and styles. From mega halls to intimate rooms, the capital really does have it all. Here are five of the city’s very best music performance spaces.

Leena Sowambur

Leena Sowambur On Investments In Music Projects, And Why Musicians Need Focus On Sales #Podcast

Leena Sowambur, a music business professional and a founder of Positively Music, has talked to us about marketing, investment, and sales.

Create Your Own Opportunities

Create Your Own Opportunities

After many years of internal debate, Cory Wolff decided to follow his passion of working in music. Read on about how he learned about the business and how he started the record label, Everyone You Know Entertainment.