Mike Mowry

Mike Mowery On Being An Artist Manager In The New Music Industry #Podcast

Mike Mowery is the President of Outerloop Management, overlooking over 40 artists. In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, Cory Wolff talks to Mike about the tough world of music management.


Muzicol: Emerging Stages, Emerging Markets (NMS ’15 Report)

In this NMS ’15 Report, I met to Michel, the founder of Muzicol, a company designed to fix the music industry – and offer little guys like me a shot at bigger things.

The Hitmakers on Songwriting - An NMS 15 Report

The Hitmakers On Songwriting: James Adam Shelley & Jonnie ‘Most’ Davis Talk Shop

In the halls of The New Music Seminar, there was the guy who had written the song – Best Day of My Life – the remarkably chill James Adam Shelley, and his extroverted publisher, Jonnie Davis…

Spire by iZotope

Spire, Mobile 4-Track Recorder App By iZotope

Stacey Dyer, the Creative Strategist at iZotope, talks to WeSpin about the Spire Recorder, their brand new free mobile. Learn how it works and who it’s for.


UniqueSound, ‘Behance For Composers’?

UniqueSound is a young French/American startup, which won the Midemlab competition in 2015, and which claims to be the first platform to find and hire music composers.

Musician's Checklist Gigging Tips

Musicians’ Checklist: 23 Little Things That Will Help You Nail Your Next Gig

Landing a great gig is hard work, so follow these tips to make your big show a big success. We’ve put together 23 little things you can do a week before, a day before, the day of, at the show, and the next day!