Steve Azar

Steve Azar And The Kings Men: Case Study By Aaron Bethune

Here’s a story of how discovering that the key to everything Steve Azar had been doing was the state of Mississippi led to a series of mind-blowing opportunities.

Sam Matla

EDMProd’s Sam Matla On Improving Your Music Production Skills #Podcast

Sam Matla, the founder of the wildly popular EDMprod, gives actionable tips on improving your music production skills, names two most common mistakes up-and-coming producers make, and shares productivity and collaboration tips.

Spotify Playlist

How To Get Featured In Popular Playlists On Music Streaming Services

Getting featured in a well-followed, highly shared playlist is one of the best ways to promote your music online – but how can you get your music placed in a well-followed playlist? Here’s a step-by-step approach.

Dmitri Vietze

Dmitri Vietze On Storytelling & StoryAmp’s New Writing Services #Podcast

Dmitri Vietze, the founder and CEO of Rock Paper Scissors and StoryAmp, talks on storytelling, specifics of doing PR for records and tours, StoryAmp’s new copywriting offer, and much more.


Soundcharts: Real Time Music Market Intelligence

David Weiszfeld, the founder of Soundcharts, talks about his data analytics platform for the music industry. Think of it as a stock market tool, which allows you to see how well artists perform in different territories.

Verified Twitter Account

What’s A Verified Twitter Account And How Do I Get One?

Want more details on a verified Twitter account? Use the tips in this infographic.