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Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield Talks About SoundCloud

When Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield was as far from home as a human can get, he used SoundCloud to share the sounds of the International Space Station and connect with everyone back on Earth.

Soundcloud fake track

Becoming A SoundCloud Superstar With Fake Fans

One man you’ve never heard of juices his numbers, buys followers and fake plays and is becoming the star you always dreamed of. This is how he does it.

SoundCloud Premium

SoundCloud Rolls Out New Premium Plans, Pro Partner Accounts

SoundCloud announced today simplified subscription plans and a new beta program, Pro Partner, for content and brand partners.

Next SoundCloud: Creator

Next Soundcloud Launched For Everyone

‘Next’ launches to the public today, allowing the world to discover and connect with the largest community of music and audio creators.

Soundcloud - Stand Above The Noise

Interview With SoundCloud’s Vice President Community David Noël

In this Stand Above The Noise interview, David explained what Soundcloud is actually about, discussed the modern music industry, technology, and practical ways to build your online following as an artist.

Soundcloud - Stand Above The Noise

Interview With Soundcloud’s David Noël: Watch Live Premiere On 10/29

We are kicking off the Stand Above The Noise interview series this Monday, October 29. You don’t want to miss it, do you?