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Unique Sampling: Capture Everyday Sounds To Inspire Your Music

Making music has never been easier. But what happens when you’ve been through all of the sounds that come standard with the program, or you just get bored with them?

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‘But Wait, There’s More!’ – Using Niche Tours To Sell Your Music To Everyone

Music is a game of volume – no pun intended. The more fans, the better, and successful artists (usually) need a large fan base to thrive. So, how do we generate buzz, and reach massive amounts of people?

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Musician Marketing Mistakes – How to Fix Them

When you’re trying to make it as a DJ, a grasp on comes in a close second to having good music. If you have fantastic music, but nobody knows about it, how are you going to be successful? Be aware of the greatest marketing pitfalls, and how to divert your marketing tactics from failure to success.

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Timeline For Promoting A UK Single Release

A lot of promo people we talk to say artists and managers often don’t know what professionals do to promote single releases. So we asked for help from some real professionals!

New SAtN Website

Stand Above The Noise: New Website Goes Live

Dotted Music launched the Stand Above The Noise video series last Autumn (and started filming back in July 2011), but there was one thing missing to really allow the project to stand above the noise: a proper website. Now, we are pleased to reveal the brand new

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5 New Ways Artists Have Used Social Media To Promote Their Work

As the internet and its tools change, artists must continually adapt to the various new technologies available to them. Here are five examples of how artists have used innovative ways to market themselves.