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LANDR logo

Is LANDR The Future Of Music Mastering?

LANDR wants to change our view on music mastering through their service, which masters your track automatically. Is it too good to be true, or should producers be worried about losing their jobs?

Music Is Your Business

MGT07: The Four Fronts Of The Music Business – Chris Knab

Christopher Knab, the co-author of the “Music Is Your Business” book (now released in its fourth edition), has been in the music industry for over 30 years – and knows what it takes to succeed in music.

Content Lockers

Content Lockers & Like Gates: Free Video Guide

Budi Voogt, the founder of Heroic Recordings and author of The Soundcloud Bible, has recorded a detailed video tutorial for We Spin, on getting fans by giving away content.

Jesse Cannon's book

MGT06: Power Your Music Marketing With Your Hobbies – Jesse Cannon

Jesse Cannon – founder of Musformation and author of “Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business” – gives a ton of practical advice on marketing your music, shows and brand.

Promo Hutt

Top EDM Labels’ Promos In Your Inbox: We Spin Partners Up With Promo Hutt

Can a DJ get exclusive promos from a label only through direct contacts? Not quite. There are services for that, and We Spin just partnered with one of the most exciting new player in the market, called Promo Hutt.


How To Use Twitter, AirBnB, And Instagram’s Marketing Techniques To Promote Your Music

Each of these companies started without massive marketing budgets but managed to get unprecedented numbers of users through smart marketing. What’s their secret?