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New SAtN Website

Stand Above The Noise: New Website Goes Live

Dotted Music launched the Stand Above The Noise video series last Autumn (and started filming back in July 2011), but there was one thing missing to really allow the project to stand above the noise: a proper website. Now, we are pleased to reveal the brand new

Shout Out Louds

5 New Ways Artists Have Used Social Media To Promote Their Work

As the internet and its tools change, artists must continually adapt to the various new technologies available to them. Here are five examples of how artists have used innovative ways to market themselves.


Dotted Music Case Study: PLAYMA

Dotted Music is more than a blog, we are a design and marketing agency. Why not to show off some of the cool stuff we’ve been doing in the last year over here? Spot our new showcase series, and share your thoughts in the comments!

Dot Dot

Electronic Music Is More Than EDM #SAtN

In the last couple years, the whole world (and North America in particular) has been introduced to a “new” genre of music – the genre which rapidly became as mainstream as music can be. What’s been left in the shadow?

Independent Music Promotions

James Moore On Why Your Band Is A Virus [Dotted Music Talks #02]

The second edition of the Dotted Music talks podcast features an interview with James Moore, a Canadian music promoter and author of “Your Band Is A Virus,” recently rereleased as an Expanded Edition.

Bobby Owsinski

Bobby Owsinski On What’s Getting Us Closer To ‘Music 4.0′ [Dotted Music Talks #01]

Andrew Apanov’s interview with Bobby Owsinski, a music industry veteran and the author of “Music 3.0″ and 16 other books on audio recording and mixing, as well as the music business.