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MGT01: 6 Reasons Musicians Feel Disappointed About Their Career – Tommy Darker

5 out of 6 reasons are musicians’ fault, Tommy Darker, the guest of the first We Spin Recipes podcast episode says.

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Lee Safar Sells Single With Peanut Butter, Hits Back At EDM Snobbery

Australian singer/songwriter Lee Safar released her new single “Fallen” on December 10 through the purchase of Peanut Butter jars by Pic. Not without criticism, and now she responded back.


Has Pretty Lights Shown Indie Musicians The Way? #Opinion

Musicians and industry representatives answer the question: is the “Pretty Lights way” the answer to being discovered and promoting your music in today’s new musical paradigm?

Clyde Smith

Clyde Smith On The ‘Pretty Lights Way’

Pretty Lights employs a specific bundle of tactics including giving away all one’s music for free, connecting directly to fans via social media, offering fans the opportunity to pay and focusing on live shows.

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Pieces Of The Puzzle: Radio For Solo Piano

The proliferation in the number of solo piano artists in the last 15 years has been quite significant. Additionally, with the development of internet radio, avenues for access to the music, created by these solo piano artists, has also proliferated.

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The Unconventional Guide To Getting Signed By A Record Label

Do you have great music and want to score a record deal? Or have you always wondered how artists got through to big labels and ended up getting signed?