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Dotted Music Readers Don’t Think MySpace Will Be Successful Again

As we reported in our weekly newsletter a week ago, MySpace’s new owner Specific Media had claimed to relaunch the social media mammoth in 2011, focusing solely on music.

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Mobile Music Applications Analysis. Part 1

With revenue in 2014 predicted to be more than $25 billion, we decided to take a closer look at some of the most successful mobile music apps to understand the secret of their success – and why they’re making so much money.

Mobile Music Revenue Breakdown

Mobile Music App Revenue & Predictions

The surge in mobile music apps has been significant. But how much are they earning the music business, and what will change in five years?

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Dotted Music In Berlin: Photo Report

The Dotted Music crew is back from a trip to Berlin, where it was filming a segment of our brand new documentary film. Check out few photos from the filming process!

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Unorthodox Press

You were convinced to create a Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter and Myspace page, but you’re not quite the social media maven and have not quite deciphered the turn of the gears of the clockwork that makes social media work is so important.

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The Fork In The Road For Technology Companies In The Music Industry

The technology companies that share a love for music have been patiently waiting to drop bombs of innovation from their B-2’s behind the stone curtain walls of the recording industry.