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Unorthodox Press

You were convinced to create a Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter and Myspace page, but you’re not quite the social media maven and have not quite deciphered the turn of the gears of the clockwork that makes social media work is so important.

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The Fork In The Road For Technology Companies In The Music Industry

The technology companies that share a love for music have been patiently waiting to drop bombs of innovation from their B-2’s behind the stone curtain walls of the recording industry.


Dieselboy Talks Online Promotion Difficulties, Labels, Free Mixes

During his recent visit to Kaliningrad, Dieselboy (Damian Higgins) – a cult American drum & bass DJ, producer, remixer, and founder of Human Imprint music label – gave an exclusive video interview to Dotted Music.

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Improving Web Traffic And Sales For Musicians And Bands

If you are a musician or in a band, chances are good that you’d like to make some money from your music. CD’s, digital downloads, t-shirts, bumper stickers… The question is, how do you get people to find what you’re selling?

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How Do I Create A Press Pack?

The press get hundreds of releases on their desk and in their inboxes every day. This can leave your press pack lying at the bottom of a very a large pile. Here’s what you need to make sure your press pack stands out from the rest and makes an impression.

50 Holiday Presents Under $50 For Those Who Care About Music

50 Holiday Presents Under $50 For Those Who Care About Music

If you are still looking for cool and not expensive gifts for the music-loving fellows – you will love this ultimate Holiday Gift Guide from Dotted Music!