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Bobby Owsinski

Bobby Owsinski On What’s Getting Us Closer To ‘Music 4.0′ [Dotted Music Talks #01]

Andrew Apanov’s interview with Bobby Owsinski, a music industry veteran and the author of “Music 3.0″ and 16 other books on audio recording and mixing, as well as the music business.


Moozar: Get The Link, Share It, Reward The Music

Moozar is the latest service to propose a new kind of business model. Be ready with your viral marketing techniques!

Stand Above The Noise

Stand Above The Noise by Dotted Music (Trailer)

For more than a year the Dotted Music team has been working on a documentary project called Stand Above The Noise. The series is getting ready, watch the official trailer here!

The JURT 2012

Indie Musician Josh Urban: How I’m Using A Train To Level Up

I recently decided to go on tour. Fortunately, in today’s industry, that’s possible. Unfortunately, in the current cacophony of self-promotion among the little fish, nobody cares. So, what to do?

Coffee Crazy EP

Fanu’s Free ‘Coffee Crazy’ EP Premiered Through A Blog For Coffee Lovers

Coffee Crazy, the brand new EP from Helsinki-based and Dotted Music-affiliated musician Fanu has been premiered through the “Dear Coffee, I Love You” blog today.

Preview: Presskit Digital Business Card App For The Music Industry

Sam Agini previews Indie Ambassador’s digital business card for music industry professionals.