An Outsider's Visit to a Panel on Electronic Dance Music

Dance That Funky Music, Rock Boy; An Outsider’s Visit To A Panel On Electronic Dance Music

I was quite curious to cover the panel on EDM for DottedMusic at the Future of Music Coalition’s policy summit in Washington, DC…

WeSpin Budapest

WeSpin Cities Come To Budapest

This coming Friday, November 14th, the WeSpin crew hosts a free meet-up and workshop in the WeSpin Cities series in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Find out more and sign up if you are around at

Creating an EP in 24 Hours

Creating An EP In 24 Hours

24HR Records, a new recording project based in Nashville, challenges 3 musicians who have never met before to write, record, and produce 3 new songs in 24 hours. The 3 hand-picked musicians and the team of producers work through the day and night to create a 3-song EP.

Big Data

How Big Data Is Revolutionizing The Music And Movie Business

Once the music industry started to look at their big data, they realized how much they needed it, because there was a lot they didn’t know about their fans.

Audiokite CEO Alex Mitchell On How Music Market Research Is Done #Podcast

Audiokite CEO Alex Mitchell On How Music Market Research Is Done #Podcast

Alex talks on why looking in the past and asking music professionals to understand if your song has a hit potential are two bad approaches, and about the importance being open to criticism.

So We Go By remix competition

WeSpin & Alex Frecon Remix Competition

The first ever remix competition from WeSpin, in partnership with a hip-hop artist from Minneapolis, Alex Frecon, is now live at Learn all the details at