Beyoncé's Insights on Musicmetric Pro

Musicmetric’s Latest Features Help Better Locate Fans And Identify Trends

Tools to discover future hit makers, locate fans via Twitter and automatically analyse performance are at the heart of a features overhaul unveiled for Musicmetric at MIDEM last month.

We Spin Recipes

Content Calendar For Musicians #Podcast

Adam Spencer, the founder and director of Musomania, explains how important creating content is for an artist, and gives away two Musomania websites to our listeners!

Cannes Burn

13 Most Interesting Music Tech Creations Hacked Out At MIDEM 2014

Think you can create an innovation in just 2 days? Thats exactly what the folks at Midem Music Hack Day hacked up within the stipulated time of 48 hours.


The Reality Of Going Pro

You can get recognized for being you but if you want the fame and glory and attention that come from a major label contract, you’re not going to be allowed to be you for very long.

We Spin Recipes

Secrets To A Musician’s Productivity #Podcast

Ilpo, better known as Resound, a drum & bass musician, blogger and music production instructor has been learning how to stay productive for years, achieved great results, and now shares his experience in the third episode of the We Spin Recipes podcast.

Warez is bad umkay?

Best Things In Life Aren’t Free!

For years I had been messing around with various software packages, synths and plugins but never really bothered to learn how to use them properly. This all changed about two years ago…