FATdrop’s New Mobile App Puts Promos First

Keeping up with new releases and receiving new promo material as a DJ can be a real hassle. That’s what FATdrop is for, and the platform is now releasing an app. Here are our impressions.


Introducing WeSpin Tech

In this episode, recorded in Berlin, Andrew Apanov is joined by the Dotted Music’s COO Frederic Sahyouni and CMO Cory Wolff to reveal their new community platform called WeSpin Tech.

Budi Voogt

Budi Voogt On Growing Heroic Recordings, If You Should Keep Using SoundCloud #Podcast

Budi Voogt, the founder of Heroic Recordings, talks about the impressive recent growth of the company, his new music business course, and SoundCloud (and if you should keep using it).

Electrifying Music

Electrifying Music: The Impact Of Engineering On Music #Infographic

This infographic sheds some light on the innovative contributions of music engineers throughout history and solidify the notion that engineers will continue to play an impactful role in musical expression.

Samed Kholod

The Highest DJ Set In The World

The progressive house DJ Samed Kholod from Russia has done something that no DJ has done before – he climbed 4,810 meters to Mount Elbrus to do a literally high-reaching DJ set.


Tape.tv Launches Tape Express, A ‘Tinder For Music Videos’ #Podcast

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, we talk to tape.tv’s CEO Conrad Fritzsch and Project Manager Jakob Fricke.