Learning The Art Of Pitching Your Music With Budi Voogt

The video walks you through the best approaches to pitching your music, and includes a detailed outline of the pitching process, help with crafting a great pitch, and a number of dos and don’ts.

Big Data

Spotify, Big Data, And The Future Of Music Streaming

Online music streaming services like Spotify have never been more popular, but as the market becomes saturated with competitors like Tidal and Apple Music, how do you stay on top? The answer it seems is “Big Data”.

Stuart Epps

Producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Robbie Williams) On Working With Indie Musicians

Listen to this WeSpin Recipes episode to learn the amazing story of Stuart Epps, a legendary UK-based record producer.

Manhead Merch

Making More Out Of Your Merch

In this day and age musicians should be looking for any way they can to increase their merchandise sales. Chris Cornell from Manhead Merch shares these three simple tips to help bands develop their image.

Live Gig

How to Prepare for Your First Live Gig

Whether your first live gig is ‘headlining’ at your local pub or trying your hand at an open mic night at the rock club in town, preparation is everything. What do you need to do to prepare well?

Jabber Jaw

New Music-Focused Podcast Network Jabberjaw Media Launches

Jabberjaw Media, a new music-focused podcast network was launched last week. Founded by Matt Carter, Nick Bunda, and Mike Mowery, the new network promises free expression of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs from its creators.