7 Winning Social Media Strategies To Promote Your Music

Here are 7 winning social media strategies that can help promote your music/band or yourself.

Oscar Höglund

Sync Licensing Insights From Epidemic Sound’s Oscar Höglund #Podcast

Oscar Höglund is the CEO of Epidemic Sound, a sync licensing company with a special concept. Here he talks about how the industry works, and what you can do to improve your chances of getting your songs licensed.

Reasons Why People Will Share Your Music Video

Reasons Why People Will Share Your Music Video

You hit 2000 views…and it stays that way…for a long, long time. But the video was SO GOOD! Bummer. When you don’t have a budget for marketing, your product needs to speak for itself. It’s the least you can do!

Jørn Haanæs, A Platform For Your Music Marketing Campaigns #SAtN

In this interview from Berlin Music Week, Jørn Haanæs, the CEO of Soundrop, explains what their recent product does, how it compares to competitors, and how music is discovered today.

Jessica Roe

Jessica Roe On Social Media, Marketing And Mystery

Jessica Roe, digital marketer and CEO, on the importance of mystery, her best marketing tips, and how to engage with fans in the best way possible.


The Lifespan Of An Online Music Album Release, Measured In Clicks #Infographic

There is a lot of hard work that goes into the “drop” of a new album. It is an exciting time for everyone involved in the process, from the record label, to the artist, to the fans.