Set Goals!

Get Your Music Career On Track

Jonathan Sexton, CEO of Bandposters, comes up with a few strategies that are helpful in getting you on track with your music career.


PlayGround: A Playful App For Spontane Music Making

The new music app PlayGround has a playful take on touch-based music making. It’s a colorful experience, but is it enjoyable enough?

Sebastiaan Hooft

Sebastiaan Hooft On Entrepreneurship In Music, Mentorship, And Saying ‘No’

Sebastiaan Hooft talks on the five facets of entrepreneurship skills, shows which areas you as an artist should be focusing on more than you probably do now, and explains why and how to find a mentor.


Why Snapchat Is A Major Marketing Opportunity In The Music Industry

Read on to find out why you should be on Snapchat and how it is fast becoming a major marketing opportunity in the music industry.

Chris Eckman

Glitterbeat Records’ Chris Eckman On The New Life Of An Indie Label #Podcast

Chris Eckman, a co-founder of Glitterbeat Records, comments on the “brutally tough” business of running a record label, and talks on why this industry doesn’t treat artists as VIPs anymore.

Music Careers For Your Personality Type

Music Careers For Your Personality Type #Infographic

Don’t forget your personality. It can also dictate which areas you would better succeed in in the music industry.