Dick Huey

Dick Huey On Per-User Streaming And Why It’s Difficult For Musicians To Make Money With Music

Toolshed’s Dick Huey discusses the new income distribution model in the context of providing a living wage to indie artists, and covers other topics from his MIDEM 2015 presentation.

Think Like A Record Label

Get Your Music Heard By Record Labels

“How do I send a demo to a record label?” is one of the most common questions we get asked at WeSpin, our music growth training platform and community. So I sought out to answer it.

Splashflood App

SplashFlood Launches New Talent-Based App To Help Artists Promote Their Music

SplashFlood has released its new music app giving new talents a different kind of platform to get their music discovered. The app is now available on iOS!

J. Gibson

Rumblefish Explains How They Protect And License Your Music

Many independent artists are confused by this, and some of them can’t figure out what the purpose of Rumblefish is. J. Gibson was nice enough to sit down with Cory Wolff and clear up a few things.


The Definitive Guide To Coordinating A Show

Creating opportunities to play is not only a smart thing to do in today’s music landscape for any independent artist – it’s a requirement. Your own success and the success of others rely on having good quality opportunities to play and they won’t always come to you. You might have to create them.


IQzic: Music Discovery As A Game #Podcast

Jim Hodson, the founder of IQzic, talks to Josh Urban about how their music discovery service – which lets fans select which bands they think will do best (similarly to picking stocks).