Audiokite: Honest Feedback And Stats On Your Songs

If you’re tired of relying on your friends’ biased opinions and want to hear some honest feedback instead, look no further than Audiokite: a website that provides you with feedback from about 10,000 people in the US.

Dotted Music Is Five

Dotted Music Blog Is 5

That’s right, the Dotted Music blog has been around for five years now. So weird, feels both like it was all 15, and that it was only 5 months ago that I launched it.

Michael Fiebach

Fame House CEO Michael Fiebach On Leveraging Technology In Music Marketing #Podcast

In this conversation, Mike talked to We Spin’s Cory Wolff on specifics of digital marketing in this day and age, importance of using the right tools, recent campaigns and content windowing.

Hannah Donovan

This Is My Jam’s Hannah Donovan On The State Of Design In Music #SAtN

In this Stand Above The Noise interview, Hannah shared her thoughts on the state of design in the music industry and importance of visual representation of an artist.

twicc logo

Twicc: ‘We Want To Connect People Through Twitter And Music’

twicc is a new music discovery app for iOS, which plays Spotify songs matched with users’ tweets. In this text, we take a look at the app and interview one of it’s developers, Yusuke Ariyoshi.

Music Production Evolution: The Rise Of Digital vs. The Vinyl Revival

Music Production Evolution: The Rise Of Digital Vs. The Vinyl Revival

In this infographic, we’ll delve into how and why the cult following for vinyl has resurfaced in this booming digital age. Alongside this, we’ll question the popularity of digital and what this could mean for the music industry.