Jason Hobbs

Found.ee’s Jason Hobbs On How And Why To Use Remarketing In Music #Podcast

Found.ee founder Jason Hobbs, describes how and why to use remarketing in music, and explains what types of ads artists should be creating before and after a record release.


Why Playing Music Is Great For Your Brain #Infographic

With claims of physical and mental health benefits of everything from sunlight to salt water coming at us from all angles, perhaps we could all benefit from a little more music in our lives to block out the noise.

Cortney Harding

Cortney Harding On Music Startup Scene, Virtual Reality, And Music Monetization

Cortney Harding, a former Billboard writer and editor, helps music startups with thought leadership and innovative partnerships. In this podcast, she talked on the future of virtual reality, the challenges music startups face these days, and much more.

Nikoo Sadr

Nikoo Sadr On Making Streaming Work For Artists

Nikoo Sadr is a Music Ally training and development manager. The latest WeSpin Recipes’ guest, Nikoo talks about the specifics of Scandinavian music market, discusses strategies for succeeding on streaming platforms, and shares lots of real-world, insightful case studies.

Musikee logo

Musikee: Rewarding Your Fans’ Engagement

There are plenty of services out there that enable you to engage with your fans. But in most cases, gaining a new fan simply means getting a “like” on you Facebook page. The new direct-to-fan platform Musikee aims to change that – by rewarding your fans.

Sander Petit

Sander Petit On Controlling Your Music Contracts #Podcast

Sander Petit is a Dutch entertainment lawyer, specializing in dance music law. Sander, who is also a DJ and a writer for DJ Mag NL, explains how to make or break a deal, what questions to ask reviewing a contract, who to have in your team, and much more.