Jonathan Yaari

Soundudes For Soundcloud Growth: Interview With Jonathan Yaari

Jonathan Yaari talks on the Soundudes’ mission to help artists, the app’s algorithm and features, what other platforms Soundudes is going to support soon and how to avoid the harmful automation.

Chew: Live Streaming Made Easy For DJs, By DJs is the latest mobile app with the interesting twist that it is developed for the niche market of DJs that want to stream their sets live for free.

Lucy Blair

Lucy Blair From Motive Unknown Gives Retargeting Tips To Musicians #SAtN

In this SAtN episode, Lucy talked on what types of clients they work with, and how marketing campaigns differ depending on the objectives for each of those types.

Backstage at the Future of Music Coalition's Annual Policy Summit with the zombie dancers from Savoy Elementary

Thank You, Zombies; A Reminder Of Why We Do What We Do

Read on as one of our writers, Josh Urban, writes about getting overwhelmed with the daunting challenges of the new music market and how there are some things (in the form of a fourth grade class) that remind him why he is doing what he is doing.

Jeremie Varengo

The Challenges African Artists Face: An Interview With JTV Digital

We asked Jeremie Varengo, the founding president of JTV Digital, a number of questions on the current state of music distribution as well at JTV Digital’s work with African Artists.

Stacey Sherman

The Reasons Hiring A Publicist Is A Good Idea #Podcast

Stacey Sherman, who runs RSP Entertainment Marketing, shares what exactly to expect from a publicist, how much a PR agency charges, the typical response rate from press, and much more.