Justina Grayman

How We Crowdfunded $18K With No Experience Or Fanbase, Phase 2: Make A Team And Make Them Cry

Do not skip this step. If you are the type of person who habitually likes to go it alone, it could be the exact challenge you need in order to learn what is possible through collaboration.

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How We Crowdfunded $18K With No Experience Or Fanbase, Phase 1: Make Yourself Cry With A Community-Oriented Vision

This is a reflection on my successes & failures to make money doing what I actually love. I want to share it with you cuz… I bet you’re on this journey too.

How to Use Facebook Live to Engage Your Fans

How To Use Facebook Live To Engage Your Fans

In this article we’ll go over a few useful tips to get off the ground with Facebook Live, focusing on how to apply it to your audience.

Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell

MGT109: The Things You Wish You Knew Before Joining The Music Industry – Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell

Elroy “Spoonface” Powell, a British actor, voice artist, music publisher and social entrepreneur, shares his rich experience to offer fellow artists support with a focus on balance and wellness.

Suz Paulinski

MGT108: Building A Healthy And Productive Music Career – Suz Paulinski

Suz Paulinski is a mindset coach for musicpreneurs. On this podcast episode, Suz talks about maintaining a healthy work/life balance, the dangers of “sleep shaming”, the ways musicians can start managing their time more effectively, and more.

Music Discovery

Where People Are Discovering New Music In 2018?

This infographic shows some interesting stats, illustrating the increase in popularity in streaming services which indicates the importance of strategies. Most interestingly, 85% of people still listen to music through the radio.