Fashion-Music Link Explored: Burberry And The Feeling

Dotted Music will be posting a series of videos juxtaposing fashion and music. We hope to facilitate dialogue on the nature of the relationship between the two industries. Join the debate on Twitter.

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How To Practice Guitar Exercises Effectively

Most musicians do not have a shortage of “things to practice” on guitar. The problem that I see many guitar players run into is not knowing how to organize all of their guitar exercises into an effective guitar practice schedule that moves them towards becoming better musicians.

Steve Jobs

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died last night aged 56. Here, we remember why the death of the legendary founder of Apple marks the end of an era.

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Using Facebook Ads To Promote Your Band

Recently, Social Media Juggernaut “Facebook” expanded its pay per click ad system to include a link to privately owned third party website landing pages for website and business promotion.

Spotify on Facebook in ticker

What To Make Of The Spotify And Facebook Partnership

Facebook marketing is no longer about the mere maintenance of your band’s Facebook page since Facebook’s release of Facebook Music and their announcement of f8 partnerships with Spotify, MOG, VEVO, Soundcloud, Turntable, and eleven others.


Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Announces Nominees

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation has announced this year’s nominees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The award, held annually, is considered among the most prestigious in the industry today.