D2F Webinar

Going D2F To Sell Music Online [Free Webinar]

You’ve surely heard a lot about going “direct to fans” and building your own fanbase as, basically, the most reliable ways to establish your music career these days. But how exactly does it help you sell more music?

Don't steal their music

Is Your Business Stealing? Music, That Is…

Stealing music isn’t just about illegal downloading – your business could be culpable too.

Mumford & Sons

Top 5 Interesting Bands Of 2013

In the past several decades music lovers have been searching for that one unique band that speaks to them. They look for the band that can reach out to them through lyrics and music and grab hold to their imaginations and emotions. In 2013 there are five bands that are stepping up to that challenge.


Presskit.to Partners With Berklee Center In LA

Presskit.to’s custom Career Opportunity Platform will streamline the job and internship notification process for Berklee College of Music alumni living in Los Angeles.

Dot Dot

Electronic Music Is More Than EDM #SAtN

In the last couple years, the whole world (and North America in particular) has been introduced to a “new” genre of music – the genre which rapidly became as mainstream as music can be. What’s been left in the shadow?

Music Fan Gate 2.0

Facebook Marketing With Music Fan Gate 2.0 Explained [VIDEO]

If you have been with Dotted Music for at least a little while, you have heard about our Facebook Music Fan Gate product. Even if so though, it doesn’t guarantee that you clearly understand what a Fan Gate is…