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Sony-Berliner Philharmoniker Deal Will Bring Concert Audio Quality To Home Theater

Sam Agini takes a look at two Sony announcements that have a lot more in common than you think. The target? The improvement of your home theater system.


An Exciting Musician’s Resource: myband.is

Sam Agini gives his take on myband.is, a tool for musicians to “create a slick, customized website that updates automatically”.

The JURT 2012

Indie Musician Josh Urban: How I’m Using A Train To Level Up

I recently decided to go on tour. Fortunately, in today’s industry, that’s possible. Unfortunately, in the current cacophony of self-promotion among the little fish, nobody cares. So, what to do?


Will.i.am To Premiere Reach for the Stars On Mars

Will.i.am will today premiere his new single, Reach for the Stars, on Mars as part of a an educational event hosted by NASA.


DJ Tiësto Doesn’t Spend His Money Because He’s ‘Too Busy Working’

DJ Tiësto is on record saying that he doesn’t have time time spend his money because he’s “too busy working”; but he admits to renting expensive yachts, being the owner of a private jet and more houses than he can count. Whenever did he buy them!

Image credit: thomashawk on Flickr

‘Echo With The Sounds Of Salesmen’ – How To Promote Yourself At A Gig

When you play gigs, you have an opportunity to promote your product to a public that may be prospectively interested in what you have to offer.