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Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Four: Establishing A Reputation

In truth, practically everything that you do, as a person and as an artist, is essential to making or breaking that reputation.

David 'Rock' Feinstein

The Rods: ‘Today Bands Can Be Heard Without Having To Rely On Record Deal’

Below you will read an excerpt from an interview with the band you might or might not heard of before – much depends on your age and musical tastes.

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4 Tips On Social Media Marketing For Musicians

At the same time that today’s technology allows for new, independent bands to publish their music effortlessly online, if every other band is doing the same thing, there is more competition and you are just more noise.

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Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Three: Creating A Unique Performance

Making a performance that pulls in every person in the room is important. Being the opener that eclipses the headliner by means of being memorable is even better.

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Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Two: Understanding The Target Audience

If you’re honest with yourself then you can present an honest and, more importantly, a non-conflicting image to your audience.


Music Business Videos: Trends For 2011

Dotted Music is bringing you a new bunch of music business videos from around the Web, with three insightful speeches by Ariel Hyatt (talking about online marketing basics), George del Barrio and Bob Baker (discussing trends for the new year).