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Welcome New Dotted Music Editor: Samuel Agini

Today I am proud to announce that Samuel Agini has joined Dotted Music as an editor and writer.

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Making The Disc-Packaging Decision For Your Album

Do you get the traditional jewel case, or the thin jewel case? Do you choose a digipak with multiple full-color panels, or do you just chuck it in a paper sleeve and go the simple route?


Musicians’ Services Review: VibeDeck

The latest in social networking meets music business model websites is to be entrusted with using the investment to develop an e-commerce platform for music artists to sell their music.

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Defining The Music Industry Crisis

The article by Chris Purifoy, Co-founder of the Restoring Music Foundation, and is based upon a crowdsourced research document titled, “Defining the Music Industry Crisis.”

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Why Album Ratings Need To Die

“Don’t forget to rate [insert album/movie] at the bottom of your article.” It’s one command, by an editor I worked for, that irked me with no avail. It’s funny how everything in this world can be boiled down to the traditional academic system that emblazons a permanent number on your head.

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How To Tour. Part 3: Packing For Tour

You need to approach touring the way you would backpacking through Europe: you can only take what you can carry on your shoulders. Packing smart will keep the van comfortable.