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What Type Of Merch Should Your Band Bring On Tour? Part Two

Merch can be the money-maker for a new band trying to break into new markets by touring new areas – that tend to pay less for unknown commodities – and of course are the hot commodity for any big act, from Justin Bieber to Metallica.


RIAA Seeks Greater Google Copyright Cooperation

Google’s latest progress report on copyright protection has drawn a positive response from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) after Google’s Public Policy Blog reported ‘considerable progress’ in tackling online copyright infringement.


What Type Of Merch Should Your Band Bring On Tour? Part One

The idea is to get inexpensive, yet good quality items made that you can mark up a little for having your band’s brand on them, and to sell them on to your fans.


The Big Four’s Digital Arms Race: Google’s Victory?

Data published by comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in digital market research, shows youtube to be an important market for the biggest record labels’ promotion of their artists.

New MySpace logo

Dotted Music Readers Don’t Think MySpace Will Be Successful Again

As we reported in our weekly newsletter a week ago, MySpace’s new owner Specific Media had claimed to relaunch the social media mammoth in 2011, focusing solely on music.

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NYC Band PUi To Make Video From Fans-Filmed Footage Of Public Stunt

New York City band PUi is preparing an interesting live campaign in order to be filmed for their music video for the new single. The cool part is that the band is making it up to the fans to direct their music video.