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Using URL Shorteners In Music Marketing

I’ve noticed that musicians have been embracing URL shorteners somewhat more actively lately. And this is nothing but great! The shorteners are misused regularly as well though, so read on to learn how to do them right.

Stand Above The Noise

Stand Above The Noise by Dotted Music (Trailer)

For more than a year the Dotted Music team has been working on a documentary project called Stand Above The Noise. The series is getting ready, watch the official trailer here!


NME At 60: Punk, Rebellion And Neil Kinnock

Gavin Marshall, musician and fanzine aficionado shows us why music and the NME matters.

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Now Arriving On Track 3 – Indie Musician Josh Urban’s Rail Tour Report

I had just completed my first Interactive Rail Tour, a novel idea spanning six cities, eight states, and as many trains.

Spotify iPhone app's Playlists screen

List Of 7 Interesting Music Streaming Apps

An increasing number of music streaming apps for iPhone and other devices is giving music lovers the freedom to hear and collect their favorite songs. Here is a list of music streaming apps that you may want to use, if you are not using them already!


2 Big Reasons You Need To Promote ALL Your Music On YouTube

A ton of people use YouTube to listen to music online, that’s why as an independent musician you need to be on top of your YouTube game.