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Are CDs Still Relevant Marketing And Merch Items For Musicians?

Though it may seem that the world is quickly digitising itself in as many ways as is possible, hardcopy media formats, such as CD’s and vinyl are still being produced, sold and otherwise distributed, though at lesser rates than in previous years.

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The Fork In The Road For Technology Companies In The Music Industry

The technology companies that share a love for music have been patiently waiting to drop bombs of innovation from their B-2’s behind the stone curtain walls of the recording industry.

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Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Fourteen: The Self Against The Professional

Being the concummate professional, while doing wonders for your professional career, can be a little bland. First off, let’s take a look at the meaning of the world.

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Why And How You Can Find And Reward Your Devoted Fans

Word of mouth. Nothing beats word of mouth. The power of the elusive marketing strategy is immensely effective and one that social media sites like Twitter or Facebook find sustenance in.

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Musicians Connecting With Fans Using Pay-Per-Minute Phonesites?

With the explosive growth of online social networking in recent years, musicians now have several ways to communicate with their fans. But broadcasting the minutiae of everyday life via tweets is not for everyone – be it the fan, or the musician.

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Free Ebook: 10 Truths About ‘Making It’ In Music

We are happy and proud to present you the first ever Dotted Music ebook, called “10 Truths About ‘Making It’ In Music: From Musicians Who Already Made It.” Several months in the works, this 50+ pages report was written by Ben Brown.