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How To Tour. Part 2: Promoting Your Tour

Promotion within a city is specific to the avenues available in that area, but it all comes down to some fairly simple stuff. It just takes time and dedication.

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Musicians’ Services Review: Spreaker

Spreaker is an online application for creating and sharing live audio content across the Internet. It offers fast radio broadcast services on the web.

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Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue Part Seventeen: Avoiding The Sell Out Label

There is one, and only one, sure fire way to avoid being called a sell-out, and that’s to never make a penny.

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How To Tour. Part 1

The point of this guide is the educate and inform those of you who’ve never hit the pavement in a van full of gear in pursuit of making it big. It’s often a long, arduous, and smelly journey but you get addicted and will want to do it again the second you get home.

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Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Sixteen: Interest Through Release

The most difficult job for any budding musician, developing band or heavyweight contender is simply to keep people interested.

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11 Things That Can Lead To The End Of Your Music Career

It’s important to realize that sometimes we get so caught up in the creative side of things that we fail to see the small telltale signs of trouble brewing. Then one day we look up and realize that something is dreadfully wrong.