Social Engagement

Why Facebook Is The King And Twitter Is The Queen Of Social Sharing

Every band is creating a Facebook page, so why shouldn’t you? But, while your tutorials may have answered the “how,” no one has answered the question, “why” and “for what purpose?”

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Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Thirteen: Small Details Important To Big Business

This particular piece will be about dealing with the bigger companies such as large scale venues, international promoters and record label managers.

Takes Questions

Soundcloud Launches Beta ‘Takes Questions’: Invites Giveaway

SoundCloud launched the beta release of Takes Questions, a new experimental product that enables anyone to take questions and leave answers in audio, from their own customisable webpage.

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Are You A Broke Musician? Apply To Starbucks

Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to be backed by a major record label, chances are that you can’t afford to ignore the necessary and looming evil in a musician’s life that we all know as money.

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Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Twelve: Details Of Interviews

Even if you’ve specifically been told that you’re going to be interviewed about your new EP for a local and familiar piece of press, don’t believe it.

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Why Musicians Should Maintain A Bare Minimum MySpace Presence

MySpace, reeling under the pressure, underwent a futile facelift to seduce the musicians, but musicians have expressed discontent. Let’s point out why musicians shouldn’t quite ditch Myspace, just yet.