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Making The Disc-Packaging Decision For Your Album

Do you get the traditional jewel case, or the thin jewel case? Do you choose a digipak with multiple full-color panels, or do you just chuck it in a paper sleeve and go the simple route?


Musicians’ Services Review: VibeDeck

The latest in social networking meets music business model websites is to be entrusted with using the investment to develop an e-commerce platform for music artists to sell their music.

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Defining The Music Industry Crisis

The article by Chris Purifoy, Co-founder of the Restoring Music Foundation, and is based upon a crowdsourced research document titled, “Defining the Music Industry Crisis.”

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Why Album Ratings Need To Die

“Don’t forget to rate [insert album/movie] at the bottom of your article.” It’s one command, by an editor I worked for, that irked me with no avail. It’s funny how everything in this world can be boiled down to the traditional academic system that emblazons a permanent number on your head.

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How To Tour. Part 3: Packing For Tour

You need to approach touring the way you would backpacking through Europe: you can only take what you can carry on your shoulders. Packing smart will keep the van comfortable.

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Influence And Responsibility

As an artist who performs in public, you want people to pay attention to you. That’s how they become fans. But in chasing this, whether you realize it or not, you put yourself in a position of influence.