Spotify iPhone app's Playlists screen

List Of 7 Interesting Music Streaming Apps

An increasing number of music streaming apps for iPhone and other devices is giving music lovers the freedom to hear and collect their favorite songs. Here is a list of music streaming apps that you may want to use, if you are not using them already!


2 Big Reasons You Need To Promote ALL Your Music On YouTube

A ton of people use YouTube to listen to music online, that’s why as an independent musician you need to be on top of your YouTube game.

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How To Create A Facebook Fan Gate? [Free Webinar]

One month ago I ran a short survey among the Music On the Dot subscribers, to figure out how actively our readers had been using a still extremely effective marketing tactic – a fan gate tab on your brand’s Facebook page. I was surprised!

A notebook is your friend!

On Getting That Work Done!

It’s easy to do a technical tutorial on how to perform something with a sequencer, but it’s different telling people something that has to do with the mental side of things rather than technical.

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How To Build A Home-Based Music Studio

Even in a relatively small home, it is possible to build your own music studio. Without missing out on any of the essentials.


BitTorrent Exec Challenges Music Industry To Find ‘Right Business Models’

BitTorrent has advised the music industry to develop new business models after a new study revealed that 43 million albums and singles were torrented in the UK during the first half of 2012.