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The Top 5 Things You HAVE To Do To Promote Your Event Online

Promoting events, like concerts or other live music shows, is time-tested work. The problem with this mindset is that it may keep people “doing the same things and expecting the same results.” To prevent not moving forward we’ve assembled a list of 5 things you just HAVE to do to promote your events online.

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Playing A Gig When You’re Sick

It’s the day of a gig, and you’ve woken up with a sore throat and feeling horrible. You spend the morning drinking orange juice, pounding cold medicine like it’s candy, and begging your friends on Facebook for suggestions on how to make this go away quickly.

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10 Ways To Engage Your Fans Online

by using technology to your advantage, you can grow your fan base quickly with limited resources. The catch is you have to find ways to engage people along the way.


Sony’s EMI Bid Approved

Sony’s acquisition of EMI’s music publishing arm is to go ahead after the European Commission cleared it amid fears that it would prove anti-competitive.

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12 Strategies For An Artist’s Long Term Success

Here are twelve steps, listed by Indie Connect’s Vinny Ribas, that every indie artist should take to lay a solid career foundation.


UMG’s Vinyl Spin Ominous For Independent Record Labels

UMG’s support of independent record stores is in contrast to the major’s effect on independent record labels.