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Expanding The Reach Of Shadow On Star’s Music Video And Leveraging Resources Through Collaborations

A musician’s marketing strategy typically limits itself to the music community because, well, it’s seems to be the no-brainer plan of action.

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What’s That Square In Your Stocking?

According to the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI), stockings this Christmas will be filled with up to 20 million CDs. The most obvious response to this is: Why?

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10 Commandments Of Independent Music Making

Here is what I have learned over the last year from my own experience and from leaders and pioneers of this new internet music scene. Here are my current 10 Commandments to reach the goal: Getting Known and Being Paid through the Internet.


Sample Copyright: The Executioner Of Hip-Hop

‘Sampling’ is understood on a variety of different levels. Some see it simply as ripping a track off from its previous success, an easy option to make money in a difficult industry to do so.


Being An Artist In The 21st Century

The only territory worth exploring as an artist is the area without the map – the place where you need to lead the way. Art is about the new, the fresh, the exciting.


Lessons from EMI: Market Concentration

But it was Dotted Music all the way back in July who framed the story in relation to the market as a whole. In an article dating to 15 July I made the inference that any sale would have to clear regulatory laws regarding market concentration.