Theo Koolen

MGT74: Fan Data And Growth Tools In One Platform – Theo Koolen (’s Theo Koolen gives an overview of their marketing and analytics toolkit, shares real-world case studies of how other artists have been using it, and explains how you can improve your content marketing with the right data.

Music Careers

5 Things To Consider Before You Opt For A Music Career

Music is a career that many people are interested in pursuing. There are a lot of things that are essential for you to know and understand prior to opting for a career in music. Read on to learn more about these things.

Dave Blue

MGT73: The Hidden Value Of A Facebook Event – Dave Blue (Spotcaller)

Dave Blue, the founder of Spotcaller, talks on how his app simplifies live music discovery, and explains to artists and promoters how to make their Facebook Events more successful.

George In The Crypt

The Three-Hour Song Recording Challenge

Gift experience specialists, Red Letter Days, challenged the band, the Crying Skies, to record one of their brand new tracks complete with a finished live mix, within the seemingly impossible timeframe of just a few hours. Read on to find out how they did on the challenge.

Peter Harris

MGT72: Stream It Till You Own It With Resonate – Peter Harris

Peter Harris, founder of streaming platform Resonate, explains how the “stream to own” model works and gives an overview of the blockchain technology and the challenges faced by the research team during Music Tech Fest Berlin.

Dearbhla Trainor

MGT71: The Music Business Is All About Who You Know – Dearbhla Trainor

Dearbhla Trainor, the host of The One Sheet music industry podcast, gives tips on reaching out to labels and press, and shares other insights from her own experience in the business, and from what she’s learned from her podcast guests.