Dotted Music: Instead Of A Foreword

II really tried to launch this blog as soon as I could. Even about three weeks ago, when almost everything was ready for kicking off… At least this is what my brain is telling me, nervously trying to find an excuse to its restlessness and understanding, that what you are reading here is definitely not what I was going to put as my first blog post.

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This was going to be something different, but what then? I’m not sure exactly to be honest. There are quite a few post ideas hitting my head every day, and there are tons of articles on blogging and writing that have been read during the recent several months, but I didn’t know what to write in my first post. Hence, I started tweaking the theme design here and there, trying widgets, playing with plugins and so on – instead of writing that damn first post!

So, without writing “something different”, I decided to just screw it and speak quickly on what is important to me in this blog. Not that someone cares much so far, anyway :)

When Worlds Collide

My aim is to keep Dotted Music from being associated with a specific music genre, though it’s pretty obvious that I’ve got my personal preferences.

First of all, it’s instrumental music and all the thousands of its subgenres – for simplicity I’ll call it rock. Stuff that I don’t listen to too much, but know quite a lot about because of my fantastic Editor position. I’ve just been into this field for long enough.

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Photo credit: flag75

Then it’s electronic music, as spinning drum & bass tunes is one of the loveliest things in my life.

I guess most of you haven’t heard a lot about it, so it’s worth noting that the drum & bass / jungle scene is unique by itself. Being relatively young (less than 20 years old), it’s one of a few dance genres that still hugely relies on vinyl releases. Besides, although D&B has strictly UK roots, it got a serious support and injection of fresh blood from all parts of the world during the current decade because of (guess what?) the mmmighty Internet power!

At the same time there are millions of other music styles and flavors, and my point is that there are always things to take and learn from any music scene. I’ll be proving it here.

The ways musicians promote their work and themselves is what Dotted Music is about. It is about interesting music industry news, interesting people within this business, it is about startups and applications living for music, it is about lifestyle, and it doesn’t matter what music genre we are talking about.

Well, it was just a brief introduction to this little creature, which I wanted to finally put out. I also squeezed a bit of info about myself and the blog at this About page. Feel free to contact me using the appropriate section of the blog or on any of the social networks you find me at.

Keep reading and rocking, we are starting out.