Johnny Royal’s Social Media 3.0 White Paper

LLast month Johnny Royal from Luthier Society published a white paper, provocatively titled “Social Media 3.0”. In the first place I would highly recommend it to those who are rather new to the world of social media, though advanced entrepreneurs will find many interesting thoughts in it as well. Especially intriguing is the company’s Archimedes project, which I will cover at the bottom of this post.

Luthier Society

But first, about the white paper…

Dubbed The Social Media 3.0 and Future of Viral Marketing, this work discusses the changes of social media and key concepts behind cutting edge emerging technologies that are helping to shape the short-term and long-term strategies behind viral marketing.

What’s truly great in my opinion, the material is based on a real company’s successful social media campaigns. Clients of Luthier Society range from Universal Records to Sony. Among the achievements of Royal and his Los Angeles based agency are the pairing of Michael Welch with iNDELIBLE‚Äôs creative branding campaign for AcZone, the eTeam aggregation for rock band Pop Evil and the recent participation in a feature film release of FIX, starring Olivia Wilde.

The White Paper on Social Media 3.0 also includes further detail on Luthier Society’s proprietary ROI weighted value metric analysis software, Archimedes 1.0, which is set to launch in 2010.

Check out their cool demonstration video.

And this is what the notation says:

Inspired by the theories of Charles Henry Dow, Archimedes 1.0 uses a proprietary Tracking Technology Metric (TTM) that has effectively created the world’s first online market index for websites. Archimedes 1.0 users will be able to determine the depth of their outreach efforts, saturation rate, geo-spatial location of their audience and value of online positioning, giving the first true, monetized value for Return on Investment in social media marketing.

All in all, I’ll keep an eye on this thing for sure.

I have known Johnny for several years now, and can say that this man is extremely good at what he’s doing.

The White Paper is available at this location.