Dotted Music Monday: Free MP3s From STS9, Bosques de mi Mente, Atlantic Connection

DDon’t you mind few sentences of candidness? Always staying very tolerant to all kinds of music, I’ve been so much into only one, my favorite music genre during the past few years, that other stuff rarely appeared in a library of that iPod, now quietly laying next to the keyboard I’m typing on… Thanks to Dotted Music,  I started to pay way more attention to vast streams of digital content like promo advances, music videos, and free mp3 downloads floating by me all the time. I started to discover music again.

As we told you earlier, Monday was declared a “Dotted Music Monday” here on DM, so today I’m free to speak about music as music, not a business. And today I will share some music that I discovered for myself last week.

STS9: “Atlas”

Sound Tribe Sector 9 is “a 5-piece electronic jam band fusing live instruments with electronic music.” It is releasing a new album entitled Ad Explorata on December 8th, and below is a free stream of “Atlas,” a track taken from the album.

Vaguely reminded me of early Orbital material, and that nostalgic feeling is wicked!

Heather Greene: “Moon Hangs Fire”

Oh guys, just listen to it… I’ve never heard of Heather before, but fell in love with this track.

The single is available as a free download on her website. It comes from Greene’s latest release, Sweet Otherwise, out now on Paved Earth Records. Described by Boston Globe as the “songs that evoke the defiant, giddy energy of musicians associated with John Hughes movies.”

Mirrorkicks: Anything Lip Dub music video

Not a free track, but still here. Loving the way iPhone is used in this clip. Plus, a bit of a Radiohead-alike vibe is never out-of-place.

Brim Liski: “Fight”

“Happy depression, electronic doom painted over with shimmering vocal layers and symphonic guitar tones – this is Brim Liski. Complexly self-described as electrogaze dreamhop, painted over with shimmering vocal layers and symphonic guitar tones.” Yay, kinda complex, but not too bad description. Grab the free MP3 here.

Bosques de mi Mente: “Inocencia” LP

This is my discovery of the past weekend (thanks to Jamendo iPhone app): album Inocencia by Bosques de mi Mente, released in October of this year… The act has four albums, and all of them are available online for free here!

Minimal, melancholic, beautiful. Also highly recommend is the Lo-Fi album (the production is better than the title suggests, trust me).

Atlantic Connection: “Westbay’s Pacific” promo EP

When I was talking about “my favorite music genre” in the post’s intro, I, of course, meant drum & bass. I will be dropping some bits of dnb here and there, but to not overload you – today I will just offer to download this free promo EP from LA’s Atlantic Connection (thanks for the link to The track listing:

  1. Moby – Porcelain (Atlantic Connection Remix)
  2. Submorphics – Philly Dub
  3. Brooklyn – Lightyears
  4. Brooklyn – Lightyears (High School Crush Remix)

The EP is brilliant, from Brooklyn’s dubstep and house tunes to the remixed Moby “Porcelain,” the only straight forward drum & bass track (not the greatest one though) on the release, and a halfstep “Philly Dub” thing.

Well, I think it’s enough for today. Enjoy the music!