Alice In Chains iPhone App: Another Big Name In Apple Store

II love gadgets. Specifically, I love iPhone – won’t be hiding that fact. So, don’t be surprised seeing lots of iPhone-related news in this blog, especially since this device is on very friendly terms with the music world right now. For example, there is a whole two prominent music applications hitting iTunes App Store today.

Black Gives Way To Blue album cover

The first one is Metallica Revenge, yet another Tapulous‘s Tap Tap creature, which feels like… any other Tap Tap: Revenge game! I was a bit surprised to see Metallica in this series to be honest, more big names joining the App Store race is definitely a good sign. But due to having little interest in this particular app, I will rather speak about another one: Alice In Chains’ Black Gives Way To Blue iPhone application.

It might seem that it’s just another promotional app, timed to an album release (well… it is), but there are still few noteworthy things about it.

  1. The app has a literally full pack of features that this kind of apps should include these days, from song streams, music videos, news, and photos – to social networking and other nice stuff.
  2. It has an impressive level of interactivity. You can not only share and comment anything you find in the app through Fan Wall posts, email, Facebook and Twitter, but also interact with artworks created for each of the tracks.

From what I’ve seen among a huge number of other bands’ apps, this one looks like a very self-sufficient application. Great to see the quality of what labels / musicians put into mobile promotions is getting better. This should mean that the next logical step will be designing more innovative applications. At least I hope so…

According to Mobile Crunch, the app was developed by a company named Mobile Roadie in partnership with Streetwise. Among the songs featured on the app is a lead single “Check My Brain,” which continues to hold the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top Rock Songs Chart. Black Gives Way To Blue is in stores now.

Check out the video demonstrating the app below. The application itself was made available in the store about an hour ago, but – total bummer – it is not available in the Russian iTunes Store… Hence I won’t be able to provide you with screenshots.