Metal Band Sybreed Asks Fans To Film An Ad For New Album

IIn a music industry where anything and everything should be considered, and about a bazillion trillion bands out there, sticking out to get the necessary exposure for your craft can be tricky sometimes. Industrial metal monsters Sybreed is offering a pretty innovative contest in promotion of their new Listenable Records release, The Pulse of Awakening. What a cool way to get your foot in the door if video creation is your cup of tea!



Plus you can win some killer Sybreed gear – which I declare the band as awesome. So why not give it a shot? The band is calling for your video skills; here’s the deal:

  1. Produce your own 10 to 15 seconds video advertising “The Pulse of Awakening” and send it before the 21st of December to
  2. They will then launch the best ones on Sybreed’s official Youtube Channel (The Sytube for short) and the video that has been viewed the most after two weeks will be declared the winner.
  3. The creator of this video will be rewarded with 2 T-Shirts, Sybreed’s complete discography and a signed poster. The video will be posted as well in the media section of the band’s Myspace page.

To note: For obvious reasons, please make sure you avoid any political imagery (guys with small moustaches are utterly forbidden), as well as explicit violence or gore (Sybreed aren’t Cannibal Corpse after all).