How Do I Create A Press Pack?

The press get hundreds of releases on their desk and in their inboxes every day. This can leave your press pack lying at the bottom of a very a large pile. Here’s what you need to make sure your press pack stands out from the rest and makes an impression.

You Are A Product, Sell Yourself!

So you’ve got the perfect song written, recorded and ready to launch to the world. The only thing that’s missing is you! There are thousands of artists making great music, but what really makes a band stand out is the band themselves.

Does Your Band Need A Manager?

Many bands simply will not function without a manager. The creative aspect of being in a band can be divisive enough, without throwing in managerial responsibilities as well. However, many bands turn to professional management too early.

TheLiveLine: Get On The Phone With Your Fans

Ever wanted to call your favorite (most hated?) artist, listen to his or her voice talking to you and leave him (or her) a very personalized, sincere message? There is a service for that, and it can do much more.

One eskimO Giveaway: Win A Blue Mic Drum Kit!

A UK indie rock band One eskimO and Blue Microphone, in conjunction with Dotted Music and Ultimate Guitar give you a unique chance to win a fantastic Drum Kit from Blue Mic.

Join Flattr, Pirate Bay Co-Founder’s Micro-Payment Platform

The social micropayment platform (that’s what Flattr is) has finally opened to the public this month, so now you don’t need an invite to give support to the sites you visit (like this one) with real money or to add the Flattr button to your own blog.