One eskimO Giveaway: Win A Blue Mic Drum Kit!

AA UK indie rock band One eskimO and Blue Microphone, in conjunction with Dotted Music and Ultimate Guitar give you a unique chance to win a fantastic Drum Kit from Blue Mic (image below). Head over to for instructions on how to enter.

Blue Microphones Drum Kit

Basically, all you are asked to do is to leave a published comment on the band’s Facebook page saying why you should win, or fill up a simple form (better – do both).

One eskimO, who is going on tour starting October 13th, has more cool stuff on their Facebook page. Using this app you can listen to an unreleased remix of the band’s new single by simply “liking” the page. If you want to hear the second track, you will have to “Share” a link to the page, and if you want to download the songs – just leave your email address.

Another contest on the same page gives you a chance to win free tickets to One eskimO‘s show.

You can enter the One eskimO and Blue Mic giveaway right away.