Slash Arcade Rocker: The Real Rhythm Game Deal

HHere goes some real Arcade rock n’ roll. This week, Ultimate Guitar’s Mobile Development Division released Slash Arcade Rocker, a groundbreaking music/rhythm mobile app game featuring songs of the legendary guitar icon. Speaking frankly, its launch was slightly spoiled by simultaneous public launch of Apple’s new iOS4 platform. The app was not fully compatible with the new OS, since we submitted it before the iOS4 announcement, but the revised version is already in the queue for App Store – waiting to be approved by Apple.

Slash's Arcade Rocker app

The newest game is worth playing at despite anything though (especially at the $.99 price tag). Slash’s Arcade Rocker allows the guitar legend’s die hard fans to play along with three pre-loaded songs from Slash’s solo d├ębut album – By The Sword, Watch This and Doctor Alibi – as well as any Slash song in their music library (and not only Slash, just as in the regular AR you can play thousands of songs if they are in your iPod music library).

In addition to the music/rhythm game, the Slash Arcade Rocker app provides access to the latest news, blog, tour dates and other exclusive content from Slash’s official website, which was as well developed and is hosted by as part of its partnership with the guitarist.

“The Arcade Rocker iPhone app is one of the coolest apps I’ve seen yet,” said Slash. “I’m having a blast with it!”

The mobile version of Slash Arcade Rocker is available for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad users from the iTunes Store for $0.99 (a limited time offer). A free online version is available at

Don’t be greedy for a buck :) Share your thoughts in the comments if you buy the app!