Albert Lee: ‘Don’t Expect To Make A Fortune In Music Business’

During his tour of Australia, Joe Matera caught up with Albert Lee for an interview to discuss his solo career and to see if there is some money for musicians in the music business.

MxPx On Music Business: ‘Everything Is DIY Today’

Punk legends MxPx have been in the music industry for long enough to know how much the show biz world changed during the past several years. And if a band, used to be signed on a major label, went DIY to get maximum of its success, isn’t it the right time to rethink your own goals once again?

Everclear’s Art Alexakis: Your Success ‘Depends On How Much You Want To Hustle’

Wasn’t invited on a tour or a fest you’ve been dreaming to play at for years? But did you lose an opportunity, or just won a new one?

TheLiveLine: Get On The Phone With Your Fans

Ever wanted to call your favorite (most hated?) artist, listen to his or her voice talking to you and leave him (or her) a very personalized, sincere message? There is a service for that, and it can do much more.

Helmet: ‘Hang On To Your Music And Don’t Worry About Getting Signed’

To be signed or not to be signed? The rhetorical question has been and will be asked many times on this blog, but that’s not the point. Today we’ve got a quote from a person, who has no doubts on what a musician should do. Interview Series: Branded Music will begin a week long interview series entitled ‘Branded Music’. This 5-part series will spotlight some of the new music industry’s most influential thought-leaders, dissecting the success of their own brands in order to share some powerful insights with the emerging music community.