Legendary Female Rocker And ‘Edgeplay’ Producer Vicki Blue Talks On ‘The Runaways’

WWe here at Dotted Music are pretty stunned to reveal few exclusive bits from The Runaways, a first ever all-female hard rock band featuring Joan Jett and Lita Ford. Back in March we wrote about “The Runaways” movie, which echoes 2005’s “The Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways,” produced and directed by Victory Tischler Blue, one of the Runaways’ bass players better known as Vicki Blue.

The new film, starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, presents an unflinching insider’s view of what it was like for six teenaged girls to be thrust into the limelight with minimal adult supervision, in a sex, drugs and rock’n’roll era hostile to female musicians.

Ultimate Guitar’s Joe Matera recently talked to Victory Tischler Blue about her new film, the renewed interest in the group, reissues of its back catalog, Vicki’s memories of her two year stint in the group, and thoughts on music industry. Read an exclusive DM excerpt below:

Edgeplay cover

Do you have many fond memories of your time in the group?

The whole thing was really magical for me, I really did like it. Not to contradict myself, but I really enjoyed it as it was a chance to go out and play music and be very cool as a teenager and travel the world and live a dream. But the bummer was after awhile, I kind of wanted to go home and get back on track and do the other thing in my life that I loved which were horses and going back to film school. To become a film director was my original goal.

What do you think of the new Runaways movie that Joan Jett has sanctioned?

I have not seen it though I know the script as I had it for awhile and I’ve seen the clips and everybody I know has seen it. Ironically, two of the actresses in the movie called me as they wanted to touch base and connect and stuff and they told me that they ended up watching Edgeplay over and over again to learn from it, a basis of the part of the characters they were going to play. The other ironic thing is that a lot of the things that Joan was suing me over in Edgeplay, ended up being included in the new Runaways movie.

So does Joan has control over the back catalog then?

Yes, on a business level they have made sure of that and I think Joan’s big issue with Edgeplay was a control issue. And at that point it certainly wasn’t the content. But they’re all about controlling the whole Runaways franchise.

Since you’re now full-time in the film making business, do you still harbor any musical ambitions?

No I am involved in the music in the projects I do and I bring in other musicians to work on my projects which are film based projects. But the only thing I want now as a musician is a new black 1962 Everly Brothers Gibson acoustic guitar with the double pickguard and star inlays…