PiL’s Lu Edmonds Talks Music Business

PPublic Image Ltd (PiL) is a band formed by Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon back in 1978. The experimental act made a return with first live concerts in 17 years just in December, and last week UG’s own Joe Matera interviewed the band’s guitarist Lu Edmonds. The article will go live on Ultimate Guitar tomorrow, but as you have already guessed – here you will find an interesting music biz excerpt from that chat.

Asked by Joe, What has been the most important lesson you have learned from being in the music business?, Lu said:

Photo credit: Kentaro Murai

That there is no music business now, but the only thing I have learned is to not trust anything that has got to do with the business and only just play with your friends and connect to the people who you really share a passionate interest with music. Also keep your mind open and never dismiss anyone, never condemn anyone and never think you know everything.

Always keep your ideas open and go and see as much music as possible. And don’t clam up because if you become despondent and depressed, you will clam up.

And if you think you are really successful and are the bees’ knees and there is no one else better than you, you are going to clam up too and you are going to stop absorbing and stop connecting. And either of those two things are your nemesis. You have to stay calm and stay open. That is my advice.

This part is what I like: don’t ever stop absorbing and never stop connecting.

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