Sevendust Guitarist On Music Marketing: ‘Plant The Seed And It’s Going To Grow’

IIn a soon to be published UG interview with Sevendust, which I just received from the writer, guitarist Clint Lowery talks about surviving in the music business of our days (among other interesting topics, of course). I really wanted to post that excerpt here first:

For those musicians who are wanting to break into the industry, do you have any business advice?

Clint Lowery

The whole landscape of marketing is a lot different than when Sevendust first started. It’s got its pros and cons. The great thing is that anyone can get exposure through the Internet. There are so many avenues and so many ways to get yourself out there.

If you have the music to back it up, sometimes it just takes a small seed of promotion to get out there. If you have the music and the whole package to back that up, you plant that seed and it’s going to grow. If you have something that people want to hear and want to see, they are going to come and see it and buy it. They’ll spread the word. People want to be the first people to tell other people about this cool new band.

If you have the goods, you’ll do good. If you have an average band that relies on the smoke and the mirrors, you’re only going to go so far. If you have a real niche and something that’s new and liberating, people are going to get it.

If you have an average band, you’re going to get average results.

Read the full Amy Kelly‘s interview with Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery when it’s up on UG later this month.