Music Career: For Love Or Money

“It bothers me that it all comes down to a question of what sells instead of what you like personally and what you’re capable of doing in terms of composition and technicality. That ticks me off!”

Blame Apple? An Industry Outlook

While there still are some industry behemoths struggling under the weight of horribly-performing traditional revenue streams, the more-dynamic companies in the industry sphere have managed to turn profitable by signing 360-deals with the artists that they represent.

Pursuing A Music Career: Understanding The Risks

Analyzing and knowing the amount of risk you are willing to take is an extremely wise move, because it prevents you from getting in far deeper than you are comfortable with. Overstepping those boundaries can result in making desperate moves and much more.

Emo – A Real Genre?

I’m not one for criticizing other people’s musical tastes/genres, but I seriously don’t think there’s a genre of music called “emo”. For the past few years now, there’s been this uproar evolution of punk music, known only as “emo”, which is stupid when you think about it.

Effects Of The Internet: Cashing In On The Digital Economy

While your average street musician can upload a few tracks onto MySpace and get a few more people coming down to watch them bang the drum, the bigger guys still have the contacts to fill a venue on that alone.

Be Visible From Space: How To Start Boosting Your Image

I learned a lesson last year when I was playing my first stadium gig. Visibility, be it literally, such as highway safety colored guitars, or from a multitude of positive interactions with people, is something worth boosting.