Swimming In A Sea Of Nets

IIs it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a massive pond? I am not really too sure, probably a small fish, if the question was asked to me.

The interwebs is very much a vast ocean when it comes to what can be accessed, what is out there, and how there are sites upon sites that I have yet to discover. Now as a publicist for the past six or so years, I have come a pretty long way. I was once naïve and felt that no blog could matter, no chance, no care, don’t tell me about your blog and please do not ask me to cover my artist – it won’t happen. Humans are evolving now to have one eye, as all the computer screen staring is starting to fit into natural selection. I can’t cite where I read that, but I assure I did not make it up or see it on The Simpsons. More people are reading news and gaining their information via the net, then people are reading hard, tangible media.

Photo credit: qwz on Flickr

Circa 2003, I read lots of print publications, from my university newspaper, to the local newspaper, and of course many music magazines (in high school, my walls were plastered with pages of Hit Parader). It seems in about seven years, I obtain just about all good tidbits of info – news – sports info – arts & entertainment scoops – all from the internet. Print has not completely gone the way of the buffalo though, as my reading of countless print publications has dwindled down to like three or four, including my town’s local newspaper.

Nowadays, I am happy to work with blogs in an effort to get my artist exposure. My recon will never cease in trying to find more neat music blogs on the internet now. Hell, I pitch them now. I hold them in high regard, and I have completely dropped my “any kid can have a website” attitude. Having been on a slew of blogs over the past few months, I notice all of them have a heart in common. Blogs are rather passionate, I mean case in point here, as I type this. I don’t know if this will reach one person, but you know I will finish my thoughts before wrapping this up. You know what blogs do not ask for, ads and money. Maybe they do, I don’t know, but my guess is they will be much more keen to cover an act, ad or no ad.

Rutgers University and Comm. 102 taught me about the outlawing of payola, yet, it runs rampant in so many aspects of life today. Will I provide an example here… no. But back to blogging, you know where else I have been learning about cool bands… yup… on blogs. I don’t really have any favorites but all and all, I am now a sound believer in the importance of the interwebbing of the interwebs. It’s the little guy that actually gives a shit and wants to say something – who cares if someone hears the message, it is out there and it will eventually be found.

Brian P. Rocha is a co-owner at Fresno Media, handling publicity for some heavy bands. When he is not working 25 hours a day, he dreams of taking a subway to Venus.