How About Lo-Fi Branded iPhone Apps? Katrina & The Waves Release A Mobile Game

LLet me offer you to forget about sophisticated mobile games like Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion! or Tap Tap Revenge Nirvana for a minute, and take a look at one cute branded iPhone app that I discovered this week.

The game, based on the Katrina & The Waves‘ hit “Walking On Sunshine,” has been developed by Primary Wave Music publishing company and features the premier of a newly recorded version of “Walking On Sunshine” by the South African Soweto Gospel Choir. It is available for purchase on the iPhone for 99 cents and a free demo flashed-based version is available on the Primary Wave Games website.

Walking On Sunshine

The app’s concept isn’t too deep, but not that simple either – having an environmental (!) angle. Gray clouds have covered the sky and prevented the sunlight from breaking through. Slowly, all the beauty and life is fading from The Earth. In order to complete each level, players must swipe away clouds to reveal the sun behind. By collecting sunlight (kilowatts) players help replenish and re-grow the beauty and vitality of four distinct climates of Earth.

California artist Nathan J. Crow designed the game graphics. The game includes Facebook connectivity allowing players to share scores with friends, and the levels feature unlockable content which reveal exclusive album covers, photos and sketches from Katrina and The Waves.

This thing kept me interested for a while, but checking out the demo might be enough for you. If you are a fan – then buy the app without further thinking.

What I loved in this news (besides the tender emotion after playing the game) is that more and more music companies invest in their own divisions responsible for creating games and apps, instead of outsourcing such development tasks. “Walking on Sunshine,” for example, is a creation of Primary Wave Games, a division under Primary Wave Music.

And after all, having a LoFi branded mobile app is ten times better than having no app at all.