Dotted Music Round-Up: March, 2010

HHello readers, both new and those who’s been around for some time! I’m delighted to share with you few Dotted Music related news, which I hope you will find useful enough to use and share. Five months into blogging, I feel the right to post this first ever Dotted Music round-up.

So, today in the world of DM:

What to read on the main domain? First of all, recently I broke the news about two fabulous Ultimate Guitar projects I’ve been involved in: Arcade Rocker and Ultimate Guitar Tabs (already first place in the App Store!! 2nd place in the App Store’s Music category, right after I Am T-Pain!). Definitely worth checking out are Starting A Record Label series by Ben Histand, inspiring pieces from music specialist Draven Grey and my friend and a kick-ass publicist Brian Rocha, and comments on the music biz from Jared Leto and Reader’s Wives’ frontman Niall James.

Dotted Thoughts @ Posterous

This is the first time I’m revealing here my Posterous blog, called Dotted Thoughts. Don’t be confused, it’s actually a part of the Dotted Music project, soon to be transferred to a subdomain. Dotted Thoughts is more about brief news on music and technology. If you don’t want to subscribe to its updates separately (which indeed might be confusing for some of you), keep an eye on weekly “Dotted Thoughts Round-ups,” containing the most interesting news and links from that Posterous blog and my Twitter account. I will begin posting the round-ups in April.


This is a little weird experiment I’ve launched on the Fiverr platform. For those who hasn’t heard about Fiverr yet, it is a place where people will do various things for you just for $5, and where you can offer your own $5 services. To put it short, I am promising to give you a complex personal music marketing advice for five bucks. Interested, anyone? It’s a limited time offer ;)

Facebook Page

Be sure to join the Dotted Music page on Facebook, if you haven’t done that already. It’s a great way to receive updates from both DM and DT blogs, and to be the first to read exclusive news from time to time. Several Facebook contests coming up in the future, so don’t hesitate to join us on Facebook!

Twitter List

While some of you are following me on Twitter already (please make sure you are among those some though), not many people have heard about the music biz Twitter List I’ve created. Follow it to get tons of exceptional music industry updates in one feed (I will be adding even more intersting personas to the list soon). Moreover, if you follow this Twitter List – I will mention your Twitter name in the nearest Dotted Thoughts round-up!

I think that’s it for now, read Dotted Music and be inspired!