MicControl Interview Series: The Blogging Side Of Music

OOn Monday, June 7th MicControl.com began a week-long interview series entitled ‘The Blogging Side Of Music’. This 5-part series explores the dos and don’ts, the styles and techniques, and ultimately the tips and strategies of a successful music blogger. Each day, The Blogging Side Of Music features the interview of a different style of music blogger, ranging from a musician who uses a blog as part of his promotional strategy to the general manager of a major digital PR firm who runs a music marketing strategies blog. Each interviewee gives a different perspective as to how and why to use a blog and how blogging has been beneficial to them.


While music bloggers make up a significant portion of the overall population of the blogosphere, there are far too many blogs that just float along in cyberspace without the understanding or direction to put their blog onto the path of success.

Meanwhile, there are far too few artists who truly understand the power of a blog and why it should be used in congruence with a strong social media presence.

Therefore the purpose of The Blogging Side Of Music is twofold – First, to share some powerful insight with existing music bloggers as to how they can get on the right path towards success. Second, is to elaborate on the effectiveness and usefulness of a blog in any artist’s overall marketing strategy.

The bloggers featured throughout the series have all found success at their own levels of blogging, each with their own purpose and motives for establishing a blog in the first place. The following is the schedule for the 5-part series:

  • Monday June 7: Matthew Moran – Musician/ Social Media Consultant
  • Tuesday June 8: Dave Tamkin – National Touring Musician
  • Wednesday June 9: Peter Malick – Award Winning Music Producer/ Blues Musician/Blogger
  • Thursday June 10: Andrew Apanov – Editor-In-Cheif, Ultimate-Guitar.com/ Blogger (Jon, thank you!)
  • Friday June 11: Christina Duren – General Manager, Ariel Publicity/ Blogger