Nimbit, Doing The Work So You Don’t Have To

TThere are quite literally thousands of ways to promote a band on the web, and the social networking world just got one thousand and one with Nimbit. Nimbit stands for New Ideas for Music Business and Internet Technology, a company based out of Framingham, Massachusetts.

Like many other independent promoting tools on the internet for musicians, Nimbit seeks to cut out the middle man and provide artists with easy to use software that plugs into WordPress, allowing customizable web pages to build upon.

Nimbit’s ease of use allows just about anyone to publish their webpage with The Instant Band Site, a tool that creates a virtual storefront to sell music and merchandise, display news and personal blogs, and to post calendars of up and coming gigs. The social networking connection allows users to intergrate Facebook and Twitter all in one, leaving more time for the studio and less time on the laptop.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on Nimbit

Big named artists are already utilizing Nimbit for their websites, such as Beantown favorite The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who used Nimbit to recapture fan appeal and build a database that was non-existent since 2003. With the help of using Nimbit’s ticket purchasing tools and merchandise promotion, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones sold four thousand copies of their newest album, Pin Points and Gin Joints. Approximately six hundred tickets were sold from the Instant Band Site, making a net profit of $24,000 at forty dollars a ticket.

As of right now, the templates provided by Nimbit for bands to use are a bit on the generic side, but promises have been made to continue pumping out more options that allow artists to have a completely unique website all to their own. NimbitFree allows musicians to promote via social networks, upload a catalog of music, display fan lists and show real time sales reports, while the more expensive NimbitIndie introduces messaging between fans, distribution to the modern music sellers such as iTunes, Amazon, and Napster, and to pre-sell upcoming releases of albums and EPs. Check out more at this location.