Making Of: First Ever Dotted Music Video, ‘Cant Hide’

LLet’s step back from the serious topics a little bit and have some fun this Saturday evening! Today I decided to share with you a video produced by Dotted Music Media, which I actually sent out to the Music On The Dot newsletter subscribers last week. Here I’ll also reveal a pile of photos from the filming process, so scroll down if you have already seen the video.

The experimental clip was shot for a track called “Cant Hide,” written by Alex Prestige – a drum&bass music producer and DJ from Kaliningrad. Directed by my wife, Kathrine, this was first ever music video for her and Dotted Music; so, putting it straight, don’t expect the next Lady Gaga movie masterpiece here. We had next to no budget, besides everything, but it was a really great experience.

Filmed in Alex Prestige’s home town of Kaliningrad, the video for “Can’t Hide” shows a panicked, frenzied rush of fear and adrenaline.

Containing samples from the infamous Saw 7 movie, “Can’t Hide” follows our unnamed hero as he is pursued by a masked menace through a maze of buildings he doesn’t recognize. At first simply confusing, the chase soon becomes desperate.

Few days back we uploaded photos from the video filming process, they can also be viewed here.

Below are few of my favorites:

The camera man and Alex Prestige himself

Me and the scary guy

Preparing to film the final episode of the video

The curious grandmas

I will be sharing more interesting stuff from the world of Dotted Music Media in this category from now on. Meanwhile, please “Like” the Alex’ video, if you actually enjoyed it of course!