Dotted Music 2.0 Is Here!

WWe have been talking about it for so long, and it’s finally arrived. Please welcome, the brand new look of Dotted Music, your music business and marketing blog!

Dotted Music

What have changed?

Take a look at a brief list of changes below, most of which you have most probably noticed if you are not a first time Dotted Music visitor. Endless bigups and appreciation go to Lin Design, who created this beauty.

  • Redesigned the logo. Basically, it’s the same square with a dotted note inside (I hope that was not a surprise), with a new clean typeface.
  • Changed the motto. “Connecting the music industry dots.” That’s what Dotted Music is about – in five words.
  • Updated the whole look of the site. We haven’t dramatically changed the elements’ placements, so you don’t get too confused, but each and every piece of the blog was modified.
  • Revised the code of the blog, decreasing the loading speed.
  • Replaced the sliding widget on the home page. This one is much nicer in all terms!
  • Added the Disquss commenting system. TONS of functionality and ways to easily communicate on the blog, awesome service!
  • Removed the Buzz button from the top of the posts (since the page got narrower, and a retweet button is enough really)
  • Removed the Facebook “Like” button from the bottom of the posts, since it would duplicate the Disquss’ “Like” functionality
  • Added an experimental mobile support. First, you can see a QR Code at the sidebar – it includes an URL of a post you are viewing at the moment. If you want to read Dotted Music on iPhone, Android, Blackberry or another popular mobile platform – just try! We’ve got a WPtouch WordPress plugin installed, and if the feature becomes popular, we’ll upgrade to a pro version so you can enjoy reading Dotted Music on the phone even more.

Love it or hate it? Tell us!

Please head over to our Facebook Page and leave your vote in the What do you think on the new Dotted Music design? It matters a lot to us!

Is that all?

Well, not really ;) Even more exciting things are coming, so stay tuned via our RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook Page or the weekly newsletter.