Internet’s Effect On Music

TThere is an abundance of articles online, detailing the many ways in which the music industry has fell victim to villainous pirates infringing copyright any which way they can; most commonly P2P. Some might call it propaganda. However, the internet is breathing life back into an otherwise stale industry: archaically governed by greed, legislation and large enterprises.

I think the accessibility of content is underplayed in the most part. We are so used to being able to access anything that we no longer appreciate or view it as luxury. In the pre-historic days of vinyl, CD, cassette tape – it was important to own a physical copy of music to facilitate your music listening experience. If not, your friend had to own a copy and be willing to lend it. The quality probably wasn’t amazing; the hardware was expensive to play it.

Fast forward to present day: Content is available 24/7 in any file type you see fit. For any music lover with an internet connection, it’s not difficult to find any song you want – stream it for free, download it, watch the video. From your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Image credit: Darren Hester on Flickr

Although I’d sooner not touch of Piracy in great detail, it is important to note access to such expansive content both via legal and illegal means has unsurprisingly conceived a reluctance for larger bodies, such as major labels to invest in up and coming artists.

Paving the way for smaller artists to infiltrate a somewhat saturated marketplace, drawing on the strengths of social media marketing – which doesn’t need the budget an out-dated marketing campaign traditionally used to promote artists. Provoking and answering the question so humbly asked by bedroom musicians worldwide – Why can’t I launch myself independently?

Opportunities for any streetwise musical outfit with big dreams and a whole lot of enthusiasm, are tirelessly emerging across the landscape of the web. Effortlessly showcasing an array of idiot-proof tools, to extend your content to the far reaches of the internet community. Encouraging enterprise within the mind of the ordinarily un-savvy marketeers. Bringing the power from the boardroom suits to the casually dressed heroes of the internet generation – they know their end goal, with a little help from Google and some half-baked ideas, why can’t they achieve it?

I do fear however, that the restless cries of artists battling to break their way into the industry will go the way of internet advertising, if they do not up their gameplay. Generic content is a pet-peeve in an industry dominated by unique ideas. You’re offering your music free for download? Well done, it won’t necessarily mean a larger audience is going to download it. You’ve just released the new hilarious video of your band in the studio? I’ve seen it, in fact, I’ve seen it hundreds of times. The beauty of the internet is that is nurtures, embraces and respects original thought – Which is important for artists to understand before they sink their teeth into the ever-evolving rollercoaster that is the modern music industry.