Expanding The Reach Of Shadow On Star’s Music Video And Leveraging Resources Through Collaborations

A musician’s marketing strategy typically limits itself to the music community because, well, it’s seems to be the no-brainer plan of action.

How To Add Value To Your Band’s CDs

Fans want music it’s true, but fans also want mementos, they want something special, and that special something is what they’re prepared to pay for.

Sponsor Me: The Pairing Of Band And Brand. Part Two

Getting endorsed is not like winning the lottery. Artists that have a plan and know how to pitch themselves make for perfect candidates. If you lack that experience, the best way to gain it is to dive in and learn to talk the talk.

An Unlikely Collaboration: Album Launches, Live Streams, And Florence And The Machine

You have the traditional news outlet in the London Guardian, the mysterious new digital media companies, and the media heavyweight BSkyB. Florence and the Machine definitely has media support for the release of Ceremonials.

Sponsor Me: The Pairing Of Band And Brand. Part One

An oft-applied method of relieving some financial hardship in this industry is to acquire an endorsement deal. In a nutshell, you get easier access to your favorite products and services in exchange for some form of advertising to the supplier.

Using Facebook Ads To Promote Your Band

Recently, Social Media Juggernaut “Facebook” expanded its pay per click ad system to include a link to privately owned third party website landing pages for website and business promotion.