Music Business Videos: Trends For 2011

DDotted Music is bringing you a new bunch of music business videos from around the Web, with three insightful speeches by Ariel Hyatt (talking about online marketing basics), George del Barrio and Bob Baker (discussing trends for the new year).

WWW = What Went Wrong

Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity, a social media PR firm based in New York. Their Cyber PR Campaigns place musicians on blogs, podcasts, and Internet radio stations and coach them to create authentic relationships with fans. Since 1996, Ariel Publicity has represented over 1,500 independent musicians.

The video below is a must see, especially for musicians new to online marketing.

2011 Marketing Trends for Music

In this video Bob Baker covers trends that every music promoter needs to be aware of, including: QR codes, Google Goggles, Near Field Communications (NFC technology), creating mobile (iPhone) and tablet (iPad) friendly websites, and more. The report is also available as a PDF here.

Why Music Seems To Be “FREE”!

Interesting thoughts on the future of “free” in music by George del Barrio from