Is Counterfeit Music Behind Our Health Problems?

The U.S. Trade Representative’s annual report on so-called Notorious Markets highlights the most notorious agents of copyright infringement on the world wide web.

What’s That Square In Your Stocking?

According to the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI), stockings this Christmas will be filled with up to 20 million CDs. The most obvious response to this is: Why?

Lessons from EMI: Market Concentration

But it was Dotted Music all the way back in July who framed the story in relation to the market as a whole. In an article dating to 15 July I made the inference that any sale would have to clear regulatory laws regarding market concentration.

Universal Music Could Make EMI Bid

But it seems that if Citigroup’s sale strategy is to sell off the label in pieces, the inevitable outcome will be an increased market saturation. The question, now, is not whether Citigroup will sell EMI in pieces, but just how many pieces this will constitute.

EMI: Music’s Long Running Joke?

Is there any viable solution to the crisis at EMI?

An Unlikely Collaboration: Album Launches, Live Streams, And Florence And The Machine

You have the traditional news outlet in the London Guardian, the mysterious new digital media companies, and the media heavyweight BSkyB. Florence and the Machine definitely has media support for the release of Ceremonials.