Apple’s Search Engine

In today’s technology age three names come to mind. Those are Facebook, Apple, and Google. All three are powerhouse companies with an enormous amount of users in many different countries. Whilst they all cater to different desires, they all have one common thing in mind: dominance.

Dotted Music Readers Don’t Think MySpace Will Be Successful Again

As we reported in our weekly newsletter a week ago, MySpace’s new owner Specific Media had claimed to relaunch the social media mammoth in 2011, focusing solely on music.

Mobile Music Applications Analysis. Part 1

With revenue in 2014 predicted to be more than $25 billion, we decided to take a closer look at some of the most successful mobile music apps to understand the secret of their success – and why they’re making so much money.

Vervedeck: Targeting Its Market

Vervedeck, a leading tech-driven music marketing company, has announced the launch of RhymbaLatino – a promotional music store containing nearly 170,000 pre-licensed songs for the Hispanic audience.

Musicians’ Services Review: VibeDeck

The latest in social networking meets music business model websites is to be entrusted with using the investment to develop an e-commerce platform for music artists to sell their music.

Musicians’ Services Review: Spreaker

Spreaker is an online application for creating and sharing live audio content across the Internet. It offers fast radio broadcast services on the web.