Dotted Music In Berlin: Photo Report

TThe Dotted Music crew is back from a trip to Berlin, where it was filming a segment of our brand new documentary film. The visit to Germany’s capital, known as a mecca for musicians from all around the world, was extremely fruitful – we brought home interviews with representatives of Universal, Soundcloud, AUPEO!, Tracks & Fields; we talked to musicians like Stewart Walker, Reimut van Bonn and Robert Henke (aka Monolake, he is also one of the founders of Ableton Live!) and spotted some really, really cool things.

We are going to publish selected video teasers and interviews very soon, but meanwhile – check out few photos from the filming process below (more can be found here).

Filming in Berlin

This photo looks funny, but 40th take on the Platz der Republik felt THAT nasty:

At Platz der Republik

The person, without whom this whole trip wasn’t even nearly as fruitful – Gianluigi d’ Autilia (a freelance music writer and supervisor):

We met with Corinna Poeszus, general manager of Universal Publishing Production Music, and filmed her on the roof of Universal’s building (normally, journalists are not allowed there). Corinna is a true music business professional, and just an incredible person.

I think you will love footage from inside Universal Music as well, by the way.

Next to Universal is MTV Studios, and Katya couldn’t miss hugging a huge concrete Sponge Bob behind the building:

Just as I told David Noel, walking out to the Soundcloud’s terrace, I would kill for working in the office like theirs. It is awesome. David was very kind to us, and mentioned lots of insightful thoughts in the interview.

We were fascinated by the AUPEO! company, truth be told. Steffen Holly, the CTO, revealed many interesting details on how this Internet radio operates:

And of course, musicians! From top to bottom: Stewart Walker (electronic music producer, founder of Persona Records); Robert Henke (electronic music project Monolake; one of founders of Ableton Live!, a popular music software); Reimut van Bonn (musician, electronic music producer, works for VUT – German Association of Independent Music Companies).

You can find more photos at this location.

Come back to this section of the site soon for videos and news on the project!