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List Of 7 Interesting Music Streaming Apps

An increasing number of music streaming apps for iPhone and other devices is giving music lovers the freedom to hear and collect their favorite songs. Here is a list of music streaming apps that you may want to use, if you are not using them already!

Sony-Berliner Philharmoniker Deal Will Bring Concert Audio Quality To Home Theater

Sam Agini takes a look at two Sony announcements that have a lot more in common than you think. The target? The improvement of your home theater system. To Premiere Reach for the Stars On Mars will today premiere his new single, Reach for the Stars, on Mars as part of a an educational event hosted by NASA.

Artists’ Lobby Attacks New EU Music Copyright Directive

Samuel Agini reports on a European directive that would “force companies that manage music rights to pay artists their royalties more speedily”.

Sony’s ‘Music Unlimited’ Cloud Service Hits Japan

Sony has launched Music Unlimited – its cloud-based music subscription service – in Japan in a week that has seen escalating privacy concerns over digital media.

Spotify’s Hold On Facebook Music Questioned

Does Mark Zuckerberg still love Spotify? Editor Sam Agini casts doubt on that.