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Dotted Music: 2012 In Dots

Two thousand twelve. What a year it has been! The global music industry and the independent music community have experienced a lot, both good and bad; many things – primarily good – have happened to Dotted Music as well.

We Spin

We Spin: Electronic Musicians Wanted For Educational Program

The project that we’ve been developing for several months is called We Spin, and essentially it’s a special educational program dedicated to Electronic Music Producers and DJs.

Pandora Vs. The Artists: A Compromise To Save Face & Money

An open letter to Pandora & the Artists, and the foundation for a dialogue on compromise.

5 Annoying Conversations Non-musicians Will Have With You

Dreama writes about the conversations that non-musicians would do better to avoid when talking to musicians.

Making It Big Online: Get Your Music Heard #Infographic

It takes more than just uploading an MP3 to become an online music star. You need inspiration, strategy, an image and a relationship with your fans. Find out if you have what it takes to make it big on the internet.

Music Fan Gate 2.0

Introducing Music Fan Gate 2.0

Dotted Music presents Music Fan Gate 2.0, a set of 6 professional music-themed fan gate templates packed with simple setup instructions.