Gosteffects: Tearing The Scene Up

NNew York City electro producer Gosteffects arrived on the scene proper courtesy of tracks which charted at #1 on The Hype Machine’s charts. ‘Slave To The Sweat’ was the first official single from Gosteffects and marked the launch of his label Afterlife Records on February 14th, 2012. EP Kick The Bass was issued March 27th via the same label. To discuss these things, Gosteffects was interviewed via email.

You’ve charted on both The Hype Machine’s popular and Twitter charts. What do you think can be attributed your popularity on The Hype Machine?

I think a lot of Hype Machine is really just luck. It has to be good obviously, but sometimes a track will be posted up there and not make it into the chart and then a couple weeks later it can be posted and go straight to the top. The Twitter chart is based on points. So the more people that tweet it that have a lot of followers the better. So far, I had my EP preview and the Imogen remix both hit #1 on the Twitter chart. Hypem seems to like remixes of popular songs so I’m not as surprised about that as I am the EP preview since it is all original music.

What do you feel are the benefits of The Hype Machine, and what advice do you have for budding artists who wish for similar success on the service?


I think Hype Machine is a good resource because it is based on votes. The songs that are at the top are generally of good quality. The downside about Hypem to me is that nothing is sorted by genre. This can make it hard to find what you are looking for, but the flip side of that is it can take you outside of your filter bubble to discover new music. Like I said in the last question, I think Hypem takes kindly to remixes that are of popular songs. If you are an electronic artist that may be a good way to go to get some recognition out of the gate.

What can listeners expect from EP Kick The Bass?

The Kick the Bass EP is a collection of tracks made for the dance floor. Listeners can expect to hear some techno, ductch house, and electro influenced bangers.

Why have you opted to release your music through your own record label – Afterlife Records – and do you intend to release music by other artists through the label?

I like the idea of releasing my own music because then I have control over when it is release, how the artwork looks, what remixes are attached to the singles, how it is marketed, etc. Whenever you release music with another label you are giving up some of the control. I’m not opposed to working with other labels, but for my debut EP it felt like the right way to go. I do plan on releasing other artists through Afterlife.

What are your future plans?

I have a few remixes in the works for some big bands. I can’t really say who yet. I have two completed collaborations, one with Lucky Date called ‘You Are Mine’ and another one with Computer Club (aka Evol Intent) called ‘Party Tonight’. Keep an eye out for those two soon.