Musik & Talang Project Manager: ‘The Pay-To-Play Scheme Hasn’t Come To Finland Yet’

BBack in late April, when I was in Finland’s Turku (speaking at a one-day music business seminar), we conducted a video interview with Simon Ventus, a project manager of Musik & Talang – an annual music business conference for independent musicians.

Musik & Talang

In the interview, Simon talked about the upcoming conference, the specifics of the concert scene in Finland, the importance of music education, and his thoughts on how to earn money with music these days.

One interesting thing discovered in the conversation was that while the so-called “pay-to-play” model, pretty popular in the States, may be coming to Finland’s live scene, it’s not common at this stage at all.

The nearest Musik & Talang conference (held primarily for a Swedesh-speaking audience, by the way) is taking place between 09/21 and 09/22 in the city of Vasa. It is a surprisingly affordable music business event, which probably any indie musician in Finland can afford to attend. It is especially refreshing considering the highly-priced alternatives.

To find more information on Musik & Talang head over to this location.